You cannot be followers of Jesus and haters of the Jews.  Stop interfering in the sovereignty of the State of Israel.  There will be no peace between the Jews and the Gentiles until Jesus comes.  Your efforts are exercises in futility.
–, “a Messianic Gentile”

Muchas gracias por la información que siempre recibimos con mucho aprecio y sentimiento!  La re-enviamos por nuestra lista electrónica Kairos-Colombia.
Translation: Thank you very much for the information which we always appreciate receiving.  We repost it to our Kairos-Colombia listserve.
– Fernando Torres, Colombia

The way you can help this illegal immigration is to supply jobs in Mexico so the Mexicans could stay home.  If all the nations entered our country illegally it would be more than challenging.  Here in Tucson we are the main pathway for illegal drugs and illegal aliens.  Convince your local companies to take their companies to Mexico if they want cheaper labor not to China!
– Otto Holgersen, Tucson, AZ

I want to say thank you for your emails.  I started receiving them in April, and it has been nice to read something which is factual but not journalistic and which conveys human feelings.
– Izumi Tanaka, Tokyo, Japan

I first went to Palestine with CPT in 2004.  It changed my life.  I have been working for peace in Israel/Palestine since.  I am currently working on a Street Theatre Project which brings snippets of Palestinian lives to folks who would never ordinarily come to a program.
– Pat Minor, West Branch, IA  

Blessings to each Peacemaker, who, in the name of A Supreme Being, regardless of religious affiliation, is working, praying and sacrificing toward an outbreak of peace.    
– J.B. Shenk, Goshen, IN

At our monthly Prayers for Peace, I sat in on a blessing for your organization and we saw you all cheering for the good fortune of having the appropriate funds and necessary provisions come to you.  Here’s my donation.  May God bless your good works.
– Reverend Rachel, Sophia Peace Center, Dolores, CO

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