Colombia Action

Join hundreds of congregations in North America and Colombia to pray for an end to the Colombian conflict and act for policy changes that better reflect the values of God’s kingdom. Sunday, April 27: Day of Prayer – join in worship with Colombians who endure great suffering yet respond in faith and sow seeds of peace. Monday, April 28: Day of Action – witness and call on policymakers to promote peace and justice in Colombia. See for details on how your faith community can participate.


CPT expresses our deepest thanks to volunteer Gary Good from London, ON who, for ten years, has manually posted all CPTnet releases to the archives on our website. CPT’s new website, launched in January, does this automatically. Years ago, with a young family to support, Gary left a lucrative job with a company who had defense contracts. Gary, we honor your conscientious witness and appreciate your dedication. We couldn’t have done it all these years without you.

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