air show action

CPTers and supporters were among eight people
arrested October 15 at the Salina, Kansas, bombing and strafing air

The action was part of a three-day gathering focusing
on militarization, the environment, impacts of depleted uranium
munitions and nonviolent peace-building.

disarm Iraq-bound weapons

CPT Reserve Corps member Martin Smedjeback and three
other activists entered two arms plants in Sweden 16 October and
disarmed weapons destined for use in Iraq.

The simultaneous actions at BAE Systems and Saab
plants disabled antitank grenade launchers, parts for Howitzer 77 and
Archer artillery systems and other armaments used in the illegal war
and occupation of Iraq. After disabling the weapons, the activists
alerted police of their presence inside the supposedly high-security

“When your government supports an illegal war and
sells arms to dictatorships, it’s time for ordinary citizens like us
to take action,” said supporter Annika Spalde.

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