CPTers active in the last three months….

CPTers and interns serving in Eastern Ontario February 2008 were: Nermin Bahcetepe (Toronto, ON – intern), Christine Downing (Breton, AB – intern), Bob Holmes (Toronto, ON), Rebecca Johnson (Toronto, ON), Joel Klassen (Toronto, ON), Murray Lumley (Toronto, ON), David Milne (Belleville, ON), Allan Slater (Lakeside, ON), William Payne (Toronto, ON). Delegation members were: January 26 – February 3: Jim Hett (Waterloo, ON), John Jones (Verdun, QC), Craig Kite (Waldorf, MD), Ehab Lotayef (Montreal, QC), Devora Neumark (Montreal, QC), Lee Ann Rice (London, ON), Char Smith (Gibson City, IL), Dwyer Sullivan (Kitchener, ON), and Mari Tae (Ste. Anne de Bellevue, QC). February 24-March 1: Randy Bond (Beulah, MI), Paula Marie Deubel (Sterling Heights, MI), Kelley Haldeman (Bellbrook, OH), and Margaret Sumadh (Toronto, ON).

CPTers participating in the November/December 2007 delegation to Congo and Uganda were: Bob Holmes (Toronto, ON), Sandra Rincon (Colombia), Andrea Siemens (Toronto, ON), and Jane Mackay Wright (Providence Bay, ON).

Participants in CPT’s February 14-29 delegation to the Philippines were: Julius Camannong (Zamboanga City, Philippines), Kelly Hayes-Raitt (Santa Monica, CA), Rey Lopez (Manila, Philippines), Camilia MacPherson (Toronto, ON), Steve Ramer (Ft. Collins, CO), Cromwell Rabaya (Kidapawan, Philippines), Henry Troyer (Springfield, MO), Nathaniel Villareal (Zamboanga City, Philippines), and Dick Williams (Boulder, CO).

CPTers serving the Palestine teams December 2007 – February 2008 were: Tarek Abuata (Bethesda, MD), Jan Benvie (Fife, Scotland), Joy Ellison (Vancouver, WA), Jean Fallon (Maryknoll, NY), Delycia Feustel (Lebanon, NH), Jessica Frederick (Dillsburg, PA), Lorne Friesen (Winkler, MB), Johann Funk (Armstrong, BC), Art Gish (Athens, OH), Eileen Hanson (Winona, MN), Steve Heinrichs (Vancouver, BC), Donna Hicks (Durham, NC), Josh Hough (Corvalis, OR), Barbara Martens (Ruthven, OH), Sean O’Neill (Springfield, OH), Dianne Roe (Corning, NY), Paulette Schroeder (Tiffin, OH), Jonathan Stucky (Bogotá, Colombia), Kathie Uhler (New York, NY), and Mary Wendeln (Washington, DC). Delegation members January 8-21 were: Casper and Erin Adson (Fremantle, Australia), Karen Carter (Daleville, VA), Jamee Eriksen (Oakland, CA), Sadie Forsythe (Philadelphia, PA), Anna Lisa Gross (Richmond, IN), Bob Gross (North Manchester, IN), Ronald McAdams (Union, OH), Joy McNabb (Daleville, VA), Camilia MacPherson (Toronto, ON), Marie Rhoades (Putney, VT), Megan Sheard (Perth, Australia) and Robert Silvanik (Lexington, KY).

CPTers serving the Iraq team December 2007 – February 2008 were: Anita David (Chicago, IL), Peggy Gish (Athens, OH), Cliff Kindy (N. Manchester, IN), Michele Naar-Obed (Duluth, MN), and Doug Pritchard (Toronto, ON).

CPTers serving the Colombia team December 2007 – February 2008 were: Michele Braley (Minneapolis, MN), Robin Buyers (Toronto, ON), Rachel Cloud (Eudora, KS), Nils Dybvig (Minneapolis, MN), Charletta Erb (Chicago, IL), Jim Fitz (Tiskilwa, IL), Julián Gutiérrez (Colombia), Erin Kindy (Tiskilwa, IL), Joel Klassen (Toronto, ON), Sarah MacDonald (Iowa City, IA), Tim Nafziger (Chicago, IL), William Payne (Toronto, ON), Carol Rose (Chicago, IL), Pierre Shantz (Colombia), Jonathan Stucky (Colombia), and Stewart Vriesinga (Lucknow, ON). Ten Colombians participated in a delegation to the Opón communities December 10-17 (names withheld by request); International delegation participants January 16-29 were: Susan Lee Barton (Richmond, IN), Martin Bates (Salina, KS), Mary Benson (Brainerd, MN), Doris Braley (New Brighton, MN), Tyler Braun (Montreal, QC), Paul Mukerji (Birmingham, England), and Janie Stein (Salina, KS).

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