A listing of CPTers and delegation members and where they served….


CPTers serving the Palestine Teams (Hebron and At-Tuwani) March – May 2007 were: Art Arbour (Toronto, ON), Jan Benvie (Fife, Scotland), Cassandra Dixon (Wisconsin Dells, WI), Jill Granberg (Olympia, WA), Joel Gulledge (Chicago, IL), Eileen Hanson (Winona, MN), Diane Janzen (Calgary, AB), Esther Kern (London, ON), John Lynes (Sussex, England), Ilse Muehlsteph (Bielefeld, Germany), Rich Meyer (Millersburg, IN), Joe Mueller (Cleveland, OH), Abigail Ozanne (Falcon Heights, MN), Sean O-Neill (Springfield, OH), Paul Rehm (Greenville, NY), Carol Rose (Chicago, IL), Heidi Schramm (Lindenhurst, IL), Jerry Stein (Amarillo, TX), Kathie Uhler (New York, NY), Mary Wendeln (Washington, DC), Mary Yoder (London, OH). Delegation members were: March 19-31 – Karen Arnold (Suquamish, WA), Nicole Fehr (Cumbria, UK), Delycia Feustel (Lebanon, NH), Christopher Hatton (Hamburg, Germany), Kelly Hayes-Raitt (Santa Monica, CA), Sarah MacDonald (Chicago, IL), Rosemarie Milazzo (Maryknoll, NY), Deborah Smith (Evanston, IL), and Warren Unsicker (North Manchester, IN); May 29 – June 10 – Tarek Abuata (Bethesda, MD), Mary Scott Boria (Chicago, IL), Ben Cherland (New York, NY), Lois Dickason (South Haven, MI), Jean Fallon (Maryknoll, NY), Jessica Frederick (Grantham, PA), Andrew Johnston (Salt Lake City, UT), Esther Kern (London, ON), Kimberly MacVaugh (Towson, MD), Erin Odgers (Lansdale, PA), Andrew Petonak (Kingston, PA), Jessica Phillips (Chicago, IL), Kathryn Taber (Princeton, NJ).


CPTers serving the Colombia team March – May were: Michele Braley (Minneapolis, MN), Robin Buyers (Toronto, ON), Suzanna Collerd (River Forest, IL), Noah Dillard (Freedom, ME), Jenny Dillon (Washington, DC), Nils Dybvig (Minneapolis, MN), Julián Guttiérez (Colombia), Joel Klassen (Toronto, ON), Doug & Jane Pritchard (Toronto, ON), Sandra Rincón (Colombia), Pierre Shantz (Colombia), Stewart Vriesinga (Lucknow, ON). Delegation members May 23-June 5 were: Derek Alton (Baden, ON), Benjamin Bouwman (Woodridge, IL), Charletta Erb (Chicago, IL), Peter Ilgenfritz and David Shull (Seattle, WA), Elizabeth Kelly (Pandora, OH), Paul Neufeld Weaver (Bluffton, OH), Mark Powell (New Haven, CT), Laura Schlabach (Dalton, OH), Nathan Wilbert (Flower Mound, TX).

Depleted Uranium

Members of CPT’s May 18-27 Depleted Uranium delegation were:Russell Attoe and Judy Leurquin (Madison, WI), Bill and Genie Durland (Colorado Springs, CO), Ron Forthofer (Longmont, CO), Ron Friesen (Loveland, CO), Anne Herman (El Paso, TX), Kirsten Romaine Jones (Toronto, ON), Cliff Kindy (North Manchester, IN), Murray Lumley (Toronto, ON), Jane MacKay Wright (Providence Bay, ON), Wes Rehberg (Chattanooga, TN), Michael Smith (Gibson City, IL), and Dick and Gretchen Williams (Boulder, CO).


Borderlands Delegation members March – May were: March 1-8: Loranell Breyley (Portage, MI), Rachel Cloud (Washington, DC), Anton Flores (LaGrange, GA), Philip Hart (Columbus, OH), Christina Turner (Gainesville, FL), and Rick Ufford-Chase (Tucson, AZ). May 24-June 4: Carin Anderson, baby Isa and Christopher Moore-Backman (Tucson, AZ), Rachel Brocker (Beaverton, OR), Erin Cox (Chicago, IL), Martha Schakel Hayward (Negaunee, MI), Rachel Liberto (Seattle, WA), Lois Mastrangelo (Watertown, MA), Kyle Navis, (Spokane, WA), Todd Schroeder (Centennial, CO), River Sims (San Francisco, CA), Martin Smedjeback (Sundbyberg, Sweden), Rick Ufford-Chase (Tucson, AZ) and John Williamson (Spokane, WA)


CPTers serving the Monterrey Team were: Noah Dillard (Freedom, ME), Joe Mueller (Cleveland, OH), Sarah Shirk (Chicago, IL) and Tim Nafziger (Chicago, IL – Project Support Coordinator).

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