serving the Palestine team December 2008 – February 2009 were: Tarek Abuata
(Bethesda, MD), Janet Benvie (Fife, Scotland), Dennis Bricker (Iowa City, IA),
Laura Ciaghi (Trento, Italy), Art Gish (Athens, OH), Steve Heinrichs (Granisle,
BC), Donna Hicks (Durham, NC), Joshua Hough Corvallis, OR), Kathleen Kern
(Rochester, NY), Sarah MacDonald (Iowa City, IA), Ceylon Mooney – intern (Memphis,
TN), Sam Nichols (Auburn, CA), Sean O’Neill (Springfield, OH), Jim Roynon
(Archbold, OH), Paulette Schroeder (Tiffin,OH). 
Delegation members January 6-19 were: Renee Arbisi (Waupau, WI), Jerramy
Bowen (Troy, OH), Betty Burge (Wilmington, OH), Stacey Carmichael (South Bend,
IN), James Fehr (Bammental, Germany), Sharon Fritsch (Chico, CA), Greg Grace
(Regina, SK), Michael Hawkins (Chico, CA), Christina Linehan (Chicago IL), Rick
Polhamus (Fletcher, OH), Neil Snarr (Wilmington, OH), Melissa Snarr
(Wilmington, OH), Nathan Van Noord (Detroit, MI). 

DR Congo

serving the Africa Great Lakes team December 2008 – February 2009 were: Cliff
Kindy (North Manchester, IN), Wendy Lehman (Chicago, IL), Rosemarie Milazzo
(Maryknoll, NY), Doug Pritchard (Toronto, ON), Andrea Siemens (Toronto, ON) and
Jane MacKay Wright (Providence Bay, ON). 


serving the Iraq team December 2008 – February 2009 were: Peggy Gish (Athens,
OH), Bob Holmes (Toronto, ON), Craig Kite (Upper Marlboro, MD), John Lynes (E. Sussex,
UK), Anne Montgomery (New York, NY), Dennis Murphy (Chicago, IL), Michele
Naar-Obed (Duluth, MN), Doug Pritchard (Toronto, ON), Beth Pyles (McDowell,
VA), Hilary Scarsella (Elkhart, IN) and ChihChun Yuan (Taipei, Taiwan). 

Aboriginal Justice

serving the Aboriginal Justice team December 2008 – February 2009 were: Christine
Downing, Rebecca Johnson, and Ben Wert (all from Toronto, ON)


serving the Colombia team December 2008 – February 2009 were: Jenny Dillon
(Washington, DC), Gladys Gomez (Colombia), Julián Gutiérrez Castaño (Colombia),
Julie Hart (Columbus, OH), Philip Hart (Columbus, OH), Paul Horst (Chicago,
IL), Chris Knestrick (Cleveland, OH), Kim Lamberty (Chicago, IL), Sarah
MacDonald (Iowa City, IA), Sylvia Morrison (Brampton, ON), Sandra Milena Rincón
(Colombia), Pierre Shantz (Colombia), Sarah Shirk (Conestoga, PA), Stewart
Vriesinga (Lucknow, ON);  Eleven
Colombians participated in a national Advent delegation (names withheld for
security reasons)


people graduated from CPT’s Winter 2009 training with 3-year commitments – 4
full time (ft) and 6 Reservists (r). 
They are (left to right around the table): Eloy García (Albuquerque, NM)
– ft, Ellen Johnson Arginteanu (State College, PA) – r, Janie Stein (Salina,
KS) – r, Martin Bates (Salina, KS) – r, Scott Nicholson (San Pedro, CA) – ft,
Paul Helbling (Liberty Center, OH) – r, Kathleen Helbling (Liberty Center, OH) –
r, Ben Wert (Toronto, ON) – ft, Muriel T. Stackley (Kansas City, Kansas) – r,
Joe Wyse (London, OH) – ft.

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