A woman wearing a shawl stands looking toward a pile of rubble where her house once stood, holding her child who looks over her shoulder into the camera.

The tented fabric of Palestine’s history

For over 76 years, the canvas tent has accompanied the Palestinian struggle for liberation, both as a symbol of what has been lost and a companion of steadfastness

2023 in pictures

2023 in pictures Community Peacemaker Teams was awarded the International Peace Award by the Community of Christ Church and the Shaw Family Foundation on April

Seven people stand at the front of the Community of Christ temple after receiving the International Peace Award for CPT

12 stories from 2023

Testimonies from Northern Puerto Wilches CPT Colombia is amplifying the voices of the residents of Northern Puerto Wilches, who are experiencing state silencing and neglect

The Aegean sea is visible through a window that is covered with a gridlock of bars.

Solidarity breaks through borders

CPT Colombia team member Jhony Arango visits the CPT Aegean Migrant Solidarity team and experiences the global fabric of solidarity.

Dr. Wendsler Nosie and Rev. Dr. Mendez stand together, esch holding a staff and wearing necklace adornments.

Rev. Dr. John Mendez joins prayer rising to protect Oak Flat

The November 4 “Prayer Rising” will bring together the prayers of Apache leaders and people of various faiths and spiritualities to protect the air, water, land, and spirit of this sacred place.

An invitation to dialogue in discomfort

Being a peacemaker and unequivocally advocating for nonviolence while recognising one’s privilege is not as straightforward or dogmatic.

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