Dr. Wendsler Nosie and Rev. Dr. Mendez stand together, esch holding a staff and wearing necklace adornments.

Rev. Dr. John Mendez joins prayer rising to protect Oak Flat

The November 4 “Prayer Rising” will bring together the prayers of Apache leaders and people of various faiths and spiritualities to protect the air, water, land, and spirit of this sacred place.

An invitation to dialogue in discomfort

Being a peacemaker and unequivocally advocating for nonviolence while recognising one’s privilege is not as straightforward or dogmatic.

A man holds a sign in solidarity with Jenin after Israeli occupation forces launched over ten air attacks and a ground incursion early Monday

CPT condemns Israeli attack on Jenin

Israeli occupation forces launched at least ten air strikes and a land invasion through Jenin’s refugee camp overnight on Monday, causing nine deaths and heavy destruction.

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