Thirteen people participated in CPT’s winter training (Dec. 27-Jan. 27).  Two joined CPT full time (FT); eight became part-time Reservists (R); three completed the training and will continue other peace work (CT).  Left to Right – Top section: Dan Gerber (Chicago, IL) – CT; Alwyn Knight (Kent, England) – R; Erika Friesen (Toronto, ON) – CT; John Hudson (Snow Rd. Station, ON) – R; Phil Hart (Columbus, OH) – R; Sylvia Morrison (Brampton, ON) – FT; Middle section: Rosemarie Milazzo (Maryknoll, NY) – R; Christie Schmid (Seattle, WA) – R; Carolyn Hudson (Snow Rd. Station, ON) – R; Monica Haas (Monroe, NJ) – R; Lois Mastrangelo (Watertown, MA) – CT; Bottom section: Chihchun Yuan (Taipei, Taiwan) – FT; Amanda Jokerst (St. Louis, MO) – R.

Septermber Supper Fundraiser

Will you host a dinner party for CPT?

CPT really needs your support in raising $10k in September. Unfortunately, we are behind our financial targets and need your help. We want to dedicate the month of September to bringing people together around the dinner table. You can choose the date, who you invite and what you cook (though our teams have some great recipes prepared!) We’d love to hear if you’d be interested. 

There’s no commitment needed at this stage.

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