Caring for Mother Earth

May we honour the Earth through our daily practices and care for all forms of life, not just human life.
CPT members wear blue vests and stand listening to a presentation from OFP member of the bionatural centre
Kelly Campo from the Popular Women's Organization shows CPT the workshop where they produce plant-based products and medicine at the Community Bionatural Centre.

In 2009 the UN declared 22 April as International Earth Day. Sadly we live in a world where for many people the Earth is seen as an endless resource to consume and not recognized as The Mother, the source of Life, whom we must respect and live with in harmony. Assigning a day to recognize the Earth is a symbolic act that falls far short of what we must do to achieve balance and prevent this planet from dying out.

The community processes and organizations that CPT Colombia accompanies such as El Guayabo, CAHUCOPANA, and the Popular Women’s Organization (OFP for its acronym in Spanish) are processes that defend life as a whole—not just human life. The farming communities of El Guayabo and Northeast Antioquia speak of belonging to the Earth and not the Earth belonging to them. They grow food on small plots which allows biodiversity to grow along with the crops. Sadly, their right to live in harmony with the Earth is constantly threatened by large economic interests that want to take away campesino land because, adversely, they believe that the land is something to be abused and used until it runs out.

The OFP, in its mission to defend women’s rights, recognizes that health is a right and promotes comprehensive health that integrates the natural remedies that the Earth gives us. At their Community Bionatural Centre, they prepare plant-based cleaning products using few chemicals to protect the health of the people who use the product and reduce the impact on the Earth. The centre also grows plants with medicinal qualities to produce natural remedies, promoting healthier treatments for pain or disease that do not require chemical remedies.

Let us pray for awareness that recognizing the Earth does not start and end during one day of homage but rather something we do as a practice each day like the communities of El Guayabo, CAHUCOPANA, and the OFP.

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