After over two years of hard work, stress, anxiety, detentions, increasing violations of the team’s right to movement, and now living under Israeli military curfew and closures for over six months, the CPT Palestine team is finally celebrating the premiere release of their documentary film “ضو – Light.”

As CPT team member and film director Ahmad Abu Monshar says, “This film is not just a compilation of videos and images; it’s a part of people’s daily struggle, which you will see is drawn with fear, tension and anxiety, intertwined with sacrifices and risks. On the other hand, it illustrates the love and laughter that kept us going, etches of care and concern for the suffering of others and how their stories have affected us. The film tells one story out of one million untold stories.”

This film is a special window into Palestinian resistance and resilience, from our teammate’s clandestine filming through checkpoints and brave confrontation of soldiers, to the legacy of the martyrs Haj Sulaiman and Hashem al Azzah, to the lives of Nisreen and Tareq who continue the struggle.

We want to invite you along on this journey of finding the light to carry us through the long struggle toward justice. The film is now available to watch, alongside a ticket for our online premiere event in conversation with the CPT Palestine team and Director Ahmad Abu Monshar on 18 May at 12pm EST/7pm Palestine.

Reserve your spot now, we’d love to see you there!

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