HEBRON URGENT ACTION: Pressure Israeli authorities to lift curfew in Hebron.



December 13, 2001

HEBRON URGENT ACTION: Pressure Israeli authorities to lift curfew in


Curfew was imposed in Hebron’s Old City by Israeli military authorities on

Sunday afternoon, December 9. The Palestinian residents of the

Israeli-controlled (H2) area of the city are now under the 5th day of

curfew. Coming in the last week of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, this

imposes a particular hardship. People are prevented from attending prayers

at the Ibrahimi Mosque and other places of worship in the Old City. Neither

can they

leave their homes to buy food to prepare for the feast that concludes the

month of fasting, nor travel freely to join in family


 Shop owners cannot open their stores and face heavy economic losses. The

closure of roads around the city to Palestinian traffic adds to the

difficulties and danger in travel. The curfew is especially cruel for

Palestinians when they see that Israeli settlers are allowed to move freely

in the Old City for their celebrations of Hanukkah, which began Sunday


Ramadan ends this Saturday, to be followed by three days of feasting.

Please contact the following Israeli officials and urge an immediate

lifting of the curfew in Hebron. Contacting U.S. or Canadian government

officials will raise their awareness of the issue and their pressure on

Israeli authorities may also be helpful.


Defense Minister Ben-Eliezer: Fax 011-972-3-697-6990, e-mail


Deputy Defense Minister Dalia Rabin Pilosof, e-mail sgansar@mod.gov.il.

Commander Civil Administration: Fax 011-972-2-997-7326.


President George W. Bush, Fax 202-456-2461, e-mail president


Senators and Congresspersons: for fax and phone numbers, check the web at:

https://congress.org/ enter your zip code and “Go”.


Rt. Hon. Jean Chretien, Fax 613-941-6900

Members of Parliament: for Fax and phone, check the web at:

https://www.parl.gc.ca/ choose a language, then click on “Senators and

Members” then “current” then choose a listing.


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