CHICAGO/TORONTO: Don’t Buy Into Violence This Christmas!



December 18, 2001

CHICAGO/TORONTO: Don’t Buy Into Violence This Christmas!

  This Christmas season, as Christian Peacemaker Teams works for peace in

Hebron, Colombia, and other areas torn by violence, we also seek to stop the

marketing of violence to youth in our own communities. If you buy gifts to

celebrate Christ’s birth, use your purchases and your status as a consumer

to spread Christ’s message of peace.

CPT urges all peacemakers to do the following:

* Refuse to buy toys or video games that encourage violent play.

* Don’t shop at stores that market violence as entertainment.

* If you do shop at stores that market violence, voice your concerns. The

top five U.S. toy retailers (Walmart, Toys R Us, Kmart, Target, and KB Toys)

all sell violent video games that reward players for killing others. Walk

through the video and computer game sections of these stores. See if violent

games are displayed at children’s eye level or next to games designed for

young children. Look at the pictures and read the descriptions on the

packages. Some games bear the label “Blood and Gore,” indicating that they

feature mutilation and dismemberment. Children and teens should not be

trained to get pleasure from killing, dismemberment, and mutilation. Let the

store manager and corporate headquarters know about your concerns.

* Organize within your congregation or broader community. CPT has a packet

with step-by-step instructions for organizing a toy retailer inspection.

Contact or to obtain your packet. CPT is

seeking 500 churches and Quaker meetings across North America that will 1)

conduct inspections of local toy and video game retailers; 2) publicize

inspection results within the community; 3) follow up with store managers

and corporate headquarters; and 4) devote one Sunday per year to education

and reflection on the impact of marketing violence as entertainment to


* Let us know what’s happening in your community! Inspiring work is being

done in Wichita, Indianapolis, Winnipeg, and other cities and towns across

the United States and Canada. Call Kathy Railsback at 208/672-1441 to share

your stories.

More information about CPT’s Violence is not Child’s Play campaign can be

found on this site. Great resource information is also available at the

websites of The Lion & Lamb Project ( and The National

Institute on Media and the Family (


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