CHICAGO: Christian Peacemaker Teams Seeks Emergency Response Team to Support Nonviolence Campaign in Vieques on February 6-13, 2002



December 23, 2001

CHICAGO: Christian Peacemaker Teams Seeks Emergency

Response Team to Support Nonviolence Campaign in

Vieques on February 6-13, 2002

Since World War II the U.S. Navy has used the Puerto

Rican island of Vieques for bombing exercises. This

has resulted in deadly and detrimental environmental

and health effects for the island residents.

Recently, the international community has organized an

impressive, concerted nonviolent opposition movement

to halt the bombing of this beautiful island.

Their efforts have had a positive impact, but the

threat of resumed bombing continues.

For two months following the September 11 attacks,

local organizers in Vieques held a moratorium on civil

disobedience that has concluded. As the government

increasingly uses September 11 as a rationale for

continued Vieques bombing, organizers are mobilizing

for another wave of nonviolent civil disobedience.

Vieques represents a cutting edge of organized

nonviolent resistance to the powers of international

militarism. Our brothers and sisters there

need our support.

Christian Peacemaker Teams is recruiting participants

for another emergency response team tentatively

scheduled to travel to Vieques on February

6-13, 2002. CPT needs people prayerfully willing to

act on either of two levels:

1) to learn from the Viequenses and to stand in

solidarity with them; and 2) to engage the Powers with

Christian obedience by entering the bombing range.

Are you able to go and stand with the Viequenses? Are

you able to “get in the way” of the bombing exercises?

Contact: Mark Frey at CPT:; tel:


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Christian Peacemaker Teams is an initiative among

Mennonite and Church of the Brethren congregations and

Friends Meetings that supports violence reduction

efforts around the world. Contact CPT, POB 6508

Chicago, IL 60680, TEL. 312-455-1199 FAX 312-432-1213

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