HEBRON:Let’s Play “Dodge Stones”



December 29, 2001

HEBRON:Let’s Play “Dodge Stones”

By JoAnne Lingle

When I was a school child we played dodge ball

at recess. Palestinian

teachers and students of Qurtuba Girls School,

located across from the

Israeli settlement of Beit Hadassah, have to

dodge stones every morning as

they are entering their school.

In November, Qurtuba’s headmistress, Fariel

Abu Heikel, called one morning and asked if

CPTers could come quickly to accompany

teachers who were

being stoned by settler children. Teammate

Mary Lawrence and I responded,

but by the time we arrived, the teachers were

safely in the school and the

settler children had left. Most mornings since

then, CPTers have

accompanied teachers and school girls to

Qurtuba School.

There was a time when CPTers could

discourage settler stone throwing by

CPT’s presence; however, lately it seems that

CPTers are targets as

well. Practically every day CPTers have stones

thrown at them by settler

children and settler youth while Israeli soldiers

stand nearby

watching. Occasionally when a CPTer asks a

soldier to stop the settler

children from throwing stones, the soldiers yell

at the children to

stop. Oftentimes they do nothing. One morning

a soldier said to us, “You

are teasing the children by standing there. Don’t

you know they hate

you? Why don’t you leave and they won’t throw

stones at you.”

If the soldier’s solution to stop settler children

from throwing stones at

CPTers is for CPT to leave, is the solution to

stop the settler children

from throwing stones at the Qurtuba teachers

and students for the Qurtuba

School to close?

I keep wondering why Palestinian school

children can’t play “dodge ball”

instead of “dodge stones”?


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