HEBRON UPDATE: November 23-29, 2002



December 2, 2002

HEBRON UPDATE: November 23-29, 2002

Saturday, November 23, 2002

Curfew on entire city

CPT members Kristen Anderson, Sue Rhodes, Mary Yoder, LeAnne Clausen, Jerry

Levin, and John Lynes spent the night in Jabel Johar neighborhood with

Palestinian families. A settler rally began at 9PM and neighbors reported

groups of settlers tried to enter the neighborhood, but soldiers stopped


Families in the area reported that soldiers entered houses the previous day

and evening, pulling male family members out of their homes and beating

them. As a result, some men were sleeping in relatives’ houses outside the

neighborhood. One family’s house was searched three times. On the third

search, soldiers took a puppy belonging to a 14- year-old boy. That

morning, the boy found his other puppy–taken earlier in the week by

settlers–shot full of holes and half buried near the house. The team later

met members of Doctors Without Borders, who said they would have a trauma

counselor visit the home.

Sunday, November 24, 2002 Curfew lift in H1 several


No curfew lift in H2

At 3:00AM Yoder and Clausen awoke to the noise of an Israeli military

bulldozer destroying a vineyard in the middle of the neighborhood. They

videotaped the destruction. Soldiers had bulldozed a new road about 300

meters long. A tanked pushed a car belonging to Abdel Salam Dana down the

road and flattened it. After interviewing neighbors, CPTers learned this

new mud path was for Palestinians to use while the paved road would be used

exclusively for settlers and soldiers

Rhodes and Clausen went shopping and discovered soldiers blocking crowds of

Palestinians in Bab iZaweyya being from opening half the market. The other

half of the market was busy. The team investigated and heard contradicting

reports given about which parts of the city were open. The soldiers began

declaring curfew and pushing the shoppers. A Palestinian man collapsed in

the middle of the intersection. Two soldiers went to resuscitate him. One

of the soldiers asked Clausen, “Was that good?” Clausen responded, “Hey, you

guys can save all the lives you want.” Soldiers then resumed declaring


Monday, November 25, 2002 Curfew lift in H1 2PM-5PM

No curfew lift in H2

Anderson, Lynes, and Yoder grocery shopping. Temporary International

Presence in Hebron (TIPH) told CPTers that curfew would be lifted in H2 from

2-5PM. The Red Cross has been unable to deliver food to H2 for the previous

eleven days and planned to deliver 300 aid packages during the time curfew

was lifted. However, curfew was not lifted and soldiers prevented the Red

Cross from entering Bab iZaweyya.

At 3AM, Rhodes heard trucks in Shuhada Street and discovered that they were

carrying concrete blocks toward the apartment. A crane lifted the blocks to

make a fortification surrounding the army base near Beit Romano.

Tuesday, November 26, 2002 Curfew on entire city

Anderson and Rhodes did follow-up visits in Jabal Johar. One family had

been interrogated by fifteen soldiers the night before who took many

pictures inside and outside the house. The family requested that the CPTers

return for the night and told them that soldiers had given a close neighbor

a house demolition order.

The delegation and team members visited Abdel Hadi Hantash, who works for

the Palestine Land Defense Committee. Hantash confirmed that fifteen

Palestinian houses in Hebron are slated for demolition.

Wednesday, November 27, 2002 Curfew in H2 lifted in AM

Delegation members visited the Jabel Joher area. While they were there,

groups of tourists brought in by settlers entered the neighborhood

accompanied by Israeli soldiers. The Palestinians, fearing attack, hid in

their homes for several hours.

At 2PM, Clausen observed soldiers enforcing a curfew in Bab iZaweyya by

firing tear gas grenades into crowded streets. Shoppers and storeowners

began to flee immediately. Soldiers then moved up the street to Al Amanara

where they took keys from five taxi drivers and left their cars blocking the

road. The soldiers also detained a Palestinian ambulance and searched it.

They grabbed one driver by the neck and tried to pull him out of the car.

Clausen and two journalists approached the vehicle and the soldiers let the

man go. Clausen then followed the soldiers into a crowded vegetable market

where they screamed orders at a 70-year-old man and kicked over his eggplant

crate. Clausen helped pick up the eggplants and was subsequently

tear-gassed by the soldiers.

Thursday, November 28

Curfew in H2

Yoder made several unsuccessful attempts to coordinate food delivery by the

Red Cross to the Old City. The Red Cross has been unable to deliver food in

the Old City since implementation of curfew on November 14.

Yoder and Lynes spent the night with the Mohmoud Jaber family in the Jabel

Johar neighborhood. The family moved back into their home after the Israeli

military demolished the bathroom and kitchen. The house is very close to

the new Kiryat Arba settlement extension, and settlers broke every window in

the remaining structure on November 16.

CPTers learned that the Israeli military killed a four year old boy from Abu

Sneineh, a Hebron neighborhood. Soldiers, enforcing curfew, shot randomly in

the air. A bullet hit the child, who was watching from an upper level


Friday, November 29

Curfew in H2


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