HEBRON UPDATE: November 30-December 5, 2002



December 10, 2002

HEBRON UPDATE: November 30-December 5, 2002

Saturday, November 30, 2002 Curfew

Le Anne Clausen heard children shouting early in the

morning and went to the roof to see what was

happening. She noticed a large menorah installed on a

demolished house on Abu Sneineh. Hanukkah started that

night at sundown.

Greg Rollins called for backup to Al Manara Circle.

Israeli soldiers were pushing shoppers, attempting to

enforce the curfew. Clausen, Sue Rhodes, Mary Yoder,

and Kristin Anderson responded. Soldiers walked up

and down the street refusing to let shoppers and

Hebron University students pass to go to their homes.

The crowds became larger, and the four soldiers

retreated to a rooftop. Some Palestinian boys made

attempts at stone-throwing from a distance of 200

meters. Soldiers then threw a tear gas canister into a

building construction site. The gas overcame the


Sunday, December 1, 2002


On their way to Jerusalem, team members found Bab

iZawiya and the area surrounding Alia Hospital heavily

tear-gassed. A Palestinian bystander told them Israeli

soldiers used tear gas to prevent people from opening

the market.

Monday, December 2, 2002

Curfew lifted in H2 6:00-10:00 am

Rollins, team friend Henri Longbottom, and a Reuters

reporter saw Israeli soldiers putting demolition

orders on Palestinian homes between the Ibrahimi

Mosque and the Kiryat Arba settlement. Most of the

homes are empty, waiting for reconstruction permits

which are repeatedly denied, but a few still have

families living in them. Families reported 15

properties have demolition orders.

A Palestinian family in the Jabel Johar area told

Rollins, Longbottom, and the reporter that Israeli

settlers stole the family’s horse cart so they could

not harvest their fields that were next to the

settlement “Heroes of Hebron.”

There was curfew in the Bab iZawiya market area at

10:30 am. Rollins, Longbottom, Anderson, and John

Lynes followed eight soldiers as they went from store

to store to close them. Yoder and JoAnne Lingle joined

the others as Longbottom and Lynes left. By 1:30 pm

the soldiers stopped imposing the curfew and left.

Yoder and Anderson visited with Palestinian families

who have demolition orders on their homes. One family

said, “If the Israeli army comes to take the house

down, we will stay in our home with our belongings.”

Tuesday, December 3, 2002


Rollins, Rick Polhamus, Longbottom, Lynes, Kathie

Uhler, and Lingle tried to attend a press conference

and tour given by the Israeli District Coordinating

Office (DCO) for some of the owners of homes about to

be demolished. The purpose of the tour was to show

where the path is to be widened and which homes will

be demolished.

Wednesday, December 4, 2002


At 9:30 am Rollins observed Israeli soldiers in Bab

iZawiya aggressively enforcing curfew in that part of

H1. He called Polhamus, who joined him in following

and engaging the soldiers to prevent them from

attacking the shop owners. Lingle and Uhler joined the

others and then went to the checkpoint near Beit

Hadassah settlement to monitor the soldiers detaining

Palestinians there.

At 1:00 pm Polhamus and Rollins observed a friend who

was trying to take some cookies from his store to sell

in the area that was not under curfew. Soldiers

detained him and his young son without letting him

close his shop. Polhamus stayed with the shop owner

and some Palestinians who were detained for over three

hours. Members of TIPH (Temporary International

Presence in Hebron) were also there and made several

calls to the DCO. After about an hour they released

eight of the twelve people, including the shop owner

and his son. Rollins shadowed one soldier who had been

very aggressive. The soldier remained calm while

Rollins was with him.

One soldier threw a tear gas canister at Polhamus

while he was helping vendors. The soldiers also

threatened to shoot him and the Palestinians. More

soldiers appeared and threw tear gas and shot rubber

coated bullets at the people in the area.

Polhamus was supposed to meet Mike Pascal from the

United States Consulate in East Jerusalem to show him

the area along the path near the Ibrahimi Mosque where

the homes are facing demolition. Soldiers denied entry

to the Consulate workers at Kiryat Arba and they had

to cancel their visit.

Clausen, Yoder, and Anderson gave a presentation over

the current situation in Hebron to members of Machsom

Watch, an Israeli women’s group which monitors

soldiers’ behavior at checkpoints. They also discussed

how Israeli groups were responding to the Hebron

crisis and how CPT and Israeli groups could work more

closely in the future.

At 11:30 pm Rollins and Polhamus responded to a call

from a woman who had a sick baby. They escorted the

baby and the father to the hospital and then to a

pharmacy to get medicine.

Thursday, December 5, 2002 Curfew lifted

from 6:00-10:00 am

In Jerusalem, Polhamus met with the World Council of

Churches Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine

and Israel (EAPPI)’s new director, Rebecca Johnson,

who is a CPT Reservist. People at the meeting assessed

the work of the EAPPI program so far and affirmed that

accompaniment volunteers needed to work in teams

similar to CPT, rather than as individuals. Polhamus

and Anne Montgomery later met with representatives of

the Swedish church mission to EAPPI, further

discussing developing team structure within the



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