HEBRON: Two Soldiers Killed, Six Palestinian Houses



December 16, 2002

HEBRON: Two Soldiers Killed, Six Palestinian Houses

Demolished in Response

by Mary Yoder

Two Israeli soldiers, a man and a woman, were killed

after a shooting attack on Thursday evening, December

12, around 8 p.m. The attack occurred at a checkpoint,

close to the Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs.

The soldiers, members of a Sahlav military police unit

operating in Hebron, were approaching the Tomb when

the attack occurred. One soldier was killed instantly,

while the other died of his wounds on the way to the


The Israeli military states the gunman or gunmen fired

at soldiers from the surrounding neighborhood which is

under Israeli control, then fled to the center of

Hebron. Tensions had been growing in this neighborhood

in H2 due to Israel’s imposition of a curfew for 28


In apparent response to the shootings, the Israeli

military demolished six houses during the night. Four

were in the surrounding neighborhood and two in the

northwest region of Hebron, leaving 37 Palestinians

homeless. (Two of the houses had been abandoned due

to settler harassment.) None of the families involved

had connections with the shooting.

Yesterday, CPTers Kristin Anderson and Mary Yoder

visited the site of the shootings as well as families

in the surrounding neighborhoods. Anderson and Yoder

expressed their sorrow and condolences to the soldiers

patrolling the area. Palestinian neighbors in the

region also expressed their condolences. A steady

stream of Israeli settlers drove past the CPTers,

taking pictures. “We’ll get you someday!” a settler

shouted to Anderson and Yoder as they were speaking

with the soldiers.

Clusters of houses remain within meters of the

demolished homes. Kathie Uhler, CPT’s director of

Campaign for Secure Dwellings, stated, “What does

demolishing six houses accomplish, other than another

instance of collective punishment?”

Israeli authorities have scheduled 22 more Palestinian

homes for demolition in the area surrounding the Tomb

of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs as part of a plan to

create a contiguous route between Kiryat Arba and the


The Christian Peacemaker Team in Hebron strongly

condemns the evening of violence, along with the

violence of home demolitions, and calls for both sides

to end the cycle of revenge.

Photos of the attack site and home demolitions are

available at https://www.clubphoto.com. Log in as



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