GRASSY NARROWS: Anishinabek Warriors Temporarily Block Clear-Cutting



December 17, 2002

GRASSY NARROWS: Anishinabek Warriors Temporarily Block


by Christopher Brown*

“TRUCK!!!” yelled one of the Anishinabek warriors. As

if on cue the others jumped from their seats at the

fire along with CPTer Matt Schaff, me, a

documentarian, and three community members from Grassy

Narrows. We stood together on December 13 at this

blockade on Segeise road because of our common desire

to end the clear-cutting that has been taking place in

the area.

The distant rumble of the diesel engine turned into a

loud roar when the 18-wheeler loaded with lumber

turned the corner. As the truck approached, one of the

warriors stood in front of the vehicle blocking its

path. Another handed the driver a flyer which read, in

part: “Pursuant to the hunting right guaranteed in

Treaty #3, the Anishinabek of Grassy Narrows wish to

inform the public that a hunt will commence [at] 8 am,

Friday, December 13, 2002, and will terminate [at] 4

pm, Sunday, December 15, 2002. For safety purposes,

traffic will be temporarily halted or turned back as

of 8 pm, Thursday, December 12, 2002 within the

affected area for the duration of the hunt. This

action is a peaceful demonstration of our will to

assert our rights within the area of contention…This

notice applies to all logging trucks and machine

operators…We apologize for any inconvenience that

this may cause. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New


By the end of the day flyers had been handed out to

four logging trucks leaving the clear-cut area,

several hunters driving by, and one Skidder. A

maintenance truck was turned away from entering the

area as well.

“For three days we intend to do what we have always

done,” said Joe Bill Forbister. “This land has fed us

and will always feed us. Whether what we do is

recognized by anyone else really doesn’t matter.”

Driving back to camp, Matt and I passed by a small

clear-cut area. I remarked to Matt that it looked like

a nuclear bomb had been dropped.

* Christopher Brown will be participating in CPT

training this January.


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