DENVER: Colorado Grandmothers Join Die-In against Iraq War



December 20, 2002

DENVER: Colorado Grandmothers Join “Die-In” against

Iraq War

by Marilyn Miller

On December 10, members of Christian Peacemaker Teams

Colorado joined a 100-person peace vigil in front of

the military recruitment center in Denver. Some

participated in a symbolic “die-in” to witness against

a potential war in Iraq.

Approximately 25 of the vigil participants, including

CPT Colorado member Linda Hardesty, symbolically

represented the deaths that would be caused by a war

in Iraq by laying down in body bags that were daubed

with artificial blood. Next to them was a large coffin

draped with a U.S. flag and a small coffin connected

to a sign which stated: “500,000 Iraqi Children Dead

from Sanctions.”

Approximately 75 support people sang “Amazing Grace”

as a red rose was placed on each body. Numerous media

representatives watched as police lined up and

observed the ceremony, listening to each participant

briefly share why they were doing this action. The

police made no arrests.

CPT Colorado Reservists, Gretchen Williams and Marilyn

Miller, carried a sign that stated: “Grandmothers for

Peace.” They were interviewed by a local television

station and a newspaper reporter. “It was affirming to

see that people are interested in what little old

ladies have to say about current events,” said Miller.

Chris Friedman, who was arrested on December 4 for

participating in a sit-in at Senator Allard’s office,

was another CPT Colorado member who was involved in

the December 10 action by serving as Legal Observer



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