Thank You!


This list only begins to name the thousands of individuals and groups

who joined CPT’s interwoven efforts to seek safety for four peacemakers

held captive in Baghdad and peace for Iraqis held captive by war and


“…for all those who thought about and prayed for us, for all those
who spoke for us when we had no voice, I am forever and truly
grateful.” – Jim Loney

“I do not believe that a lasting peace is achieved by armed force, but
I pay tribute to the courage [of British soldiers] and thank those who
played a part in my release…” – Norman Kember

“I would like to express my gratitude for the prayers and
support…from communities worldwide. I am grateful to all those
involved in the operation that ultimately led to our freedom.” –
Harmeet Sooden

“CPT has been surrounded and upheld by a great outpouring of
compassion. Strong and courageous actions from Muslim brothers and
sisters throughout the world stand at the forefront of that support.
We are profoundly grateful.” – CPT Co-Directors, Carol Rose and Doug

8th Day Center for Justice – Chicago, IL; A.F. Alhajji; Abded Jawal
Jaber; Abu Assad Husseini; Adli Dana, International Palestinian Youth
League; Airondack Friends Meeting – NY; Al Monzer Hotel Staff; Albany
Peaceseekers; Albuquerque Mennonite Church; Alexandria Monthly Meeting
of the Religious Society of Friends; Ali Abunimah; Al-Jazeera; Allah;
Alice Gerard; Al Lawler; Allen Holt; Alyssa Bergan; Alyssa Murfin;
Amber Healy; American Friends Service Committee; Amnesty International;
Anas Altikriti, Muslim Association of Britain; Andy Barrie; Anishinaabe
Peace and Justice Coalition; Ann and Steve Bauer; Ann Arbor Friends
Meeting; Anna Marie Tremonte; Ann Marie Tate; Anne Elder; Anne van
Staveren; Anti-War Committee – MN; An Arab-American man who monitored
Arab media; Artists against War – Italy; Art Laffin; Atta Jaber; Asaph
Murfin; At-Tuwani; Auckland University Students for Justice in
Palestine; Baghdad Squadron of the SAS; Baptist Denominations Czech
Republic, Italy, UK; Baptist Peace Fellowship – Toronto; Barb Corcoran;
Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries; Basta Guerra and Beati i costruttori
di pace – Italy; Beati i Costruttori di Pace (Blessed Are The
Peacemakers) – Italy; Bel Aire Church of the Brethren; Berea College
Campus Christian Center; Berkeley Women in Black; Beth Honsaker; Betty
Scholten; Bill Sulzman; Binghamton Community Friends Meeting; Bishop
Matta of Syria; Bobbi Harrington; Boulder Mennonite Church; Brandywine
Peace Community – Philadelphia; Brian Crane and Murray; Bridges for
Peace – Maine; British Baghdad and Kuwait Embassies; Bruce Kent; Café
Justicia; Caleb Ministries – Iowa; California People of Faith Against
the Death Penalty; Cambridge Friends Meeting; Canadian Broadcasting
Corporation; Canadian Friends of Sabeel; CANDIL – Alberta; Carol
Bullerd-Bates; Carlie Numi; Carol Stockton; Carolyn and Geoff
Whitney-Brown; Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto; Catholic Worker Chicago
Community; Catholic Worker House – South Bend; Catholic Worker Las
Vegas; Cathy Breen; Cathy Pelly Maungarongo Trust (Aotearoa New
Zealand); Celeste Kennel-Shank; Central Philadelphia Friends Meeting;
Centre for Social Concern – Ontario; Charlie Jackson; Charlotte Friends
Meeting – North Carolina; Charlotte Kuenning; Ched Meyers; Cheryl
Brumbaugh-Crayfor; Chiesa Cristiana Evangelica Battista di Genova –
Italy; Chiesa Evangelica Battista Via Foria Napoli – Italy; Chris Cole
at FOR-UK; Chris Mason; Chris White; Christian Community in Chingola,
Zambia; Christian Conquest Ministries – Washington, DC; Christian World
Service Aotearoa New Zealand; Christopher Puchalsky; Chuck Fager,, Quaker House, Fayetteville, NC; Church of St.
Savior; Church of the Brethren – San Diego; Church of the Holy Spirit;
Church of the Sojourners – California; Cincinnati Friends Meeting;
Cindy Lapp; Circle of Hope – Philadelphia; Circle of Mercy Congregation
– North Carolina; Citizens for Public Justice – Victoria, BC; City of
Ottawa; Claudia Marquis; Cleveland Nonviolent Network – Ohio; Colin
Freeze; Colin Perkel; Colin South; Colorado Springs Peace Community;
Community Mennonite Church – Virginia; Community Mennonite Church,
Chicago; Conner McDonough; Connie Raza; Council of Islamic
Organizations of Greater Chicago; CPT teams, Regional Groups and
members; Dale & Ruth Fast; Damen Wagner Fields; Dan Hunt; Dan
McTeague; Dan O’Shea; Dan Pearson; Daniele Abreu – Lima; Daoud; Daryl
Byler; David Hartsough; David Hilfinker; David Leeper Moss; David
McReynolds; David Pybus, editor FOR-UK; Dean and Reba Beery; Deborah
Johnson; Deborah Schaffer; Decorah Friends Meeting – Iowa; DeKalb
Interfaith Network for Peace & Justice; Dennis Apuan; Dennis Como
and the Jesuit Fathers in Amman; Dharmista Patel; Diane Davis Kolsun;
Dona McdonoughDonna Baillie; Donna Mulhearn; Dorothy Friesen; Dorothy
and Paul Grout; Doug Hertzler; Doug Smith; Duluth Loaves and Fishes
Catholic Worker; Dunedin Peace Movement – New Zealand; Durham Peace
Committee; Earlham College; Earl Martin; East Bend Mennonite Church;
Eastern Mennonite University; Ecumenical Peace Institute – California;
Edmonton First Mennonite Church – Alberta; Ehab Lotayaf, Canadian
Islamic Congress; Ekklesia; Elaine Bell; Elaine Brigham; Elce Redmond;
Eleanor Belloni; Elizabeth Nobbe; Ellen Johnson Argentineau; Ellyn
Stecker; English Department at University of Auckland; Erb Street
Mennonite Church – Ontario; Eric and Cheryl Matheson; Eric Verlo;
Espacio de trabajadoras y trabajadores de derechos humanos de
Barrancabermeja, Colombia; Evanston Mennonite Church; Eve Tetaz;
Faculty of Theology, University of Winnipeg; Faith United Church of
Christ – Iowa; Faith United Church of Christ – Iowa City; Fariel Abu
Heikal; Fellowship of Reconciliation; Fifteenth Street Quaker Meeting –
NY; First Baptist Church – OH; First Church in Albany – New York; First
Church of the Brethren; First Friends Meeting – North Carolina; First
Mennonite Church; Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Fort Collins
Mennonite Fellowship; Foundry United Methodist Church; Fourth Street
United Methodist Church; Fox Valley Citizens for Peace; Frank Kane;
Frederick Monthly Meeting; Freedom from Fear; Friends Meeting –
Burlington, Vermont; Friends of Grassy Narrows; Friends of Minnewaukan
– North Dakota; Gene Stoltzfus; George Rashmawi; Georgia Women in
Black; Geraldine Kakeeway; Giandomenico Picco; Glen Rose; Glennon
Heights Mennonite Church – Colorado; God; Gloria Kindy; Gloria Victor
Dorr; Good News Mennonite Church – San Juan, Texas; Good Shepherd
Lutheran Church – Illinois; Goose Creek Friends Meeting – Virginia;
Gordon Day-Janz; Grace Mennonite Church – Ontario; Grassy Narrows
Women’s Drumming Group; Greater Aurora Peace & Justice – Illinois;
Greater Toronto Mennonite Churches; Guest House Chapel – Minnesota;
Guilford College Friends Center – North Carolina; Gustavo Romero; Hafez
Harini; Hamed Qawasme; Hamilton Action for Social Change; Hanifah
Murfin, Hartville Mennonite Church – Ohio; Hastings against War; Hebron
Journalists and Photographers; Helen Clark; Helen Harris; Herndon
Friends Meeting – Virgina; Highland Avenue Church of the Brethren –
Illinois; Hindu Community in Chingola, Zambia; Hisham Sharabati;
Historic Germantown Mennonite Meetinghouse – Pennsylvania; Hizkias
Assefa; Holyrood Mennonite Church – Canada; Homes Not Bombs; Homewood
Friends Meeting – Baltimore; Hope Fellowship – Waco, Texas; Hope
Mennonite Church – Kansas; Hopewell Centre of the Religious Society of
Friends -Virginia; House of Grace – Philadelphia; Hoyt Maulden;
Hyattsville Mennonite Church – Maryland; Hyde Park UMC Christian
Peacemakers; Iglesia Menonita Buenas Nuevas & RGV Friends Worship
Group – San Juan, Texas; Iglesia Menonita de Teusaquillo, Bogotá,
Colombia; Illana Naylor: Industrial Workers of the World – Edmonton;
Instead of War Coalition – St. Louis; Interfaith Council for Peace and
Justice – Ann Arbor; Interfaith Peace Network – Buffalo; International
Solidarity Movement; Iraqi friends and colleagues who can’t be named
for security reasons; Islamic Center of Nashville; ISM Workers in
Nablus and Ramallah; Italian Baptist Church in Napoli, Italy; Jackie
O.; Jacque Pulsifer; Jacqui Shepherd; Jamal Miqbel; Jeanette Stoltzfus;
Jean Francois Michel; Jean Stoken; Jeff Leys; Jenny Duskey; Jean Zaru,
Clerk of the Ramallah Friends Meeting; Jenny F.; Jessie Jackson; Jill
Swenson; Jim Stokes-Buckles; Jim Sinclair; JKCCS; Jochbeth McCain; Joel
Gulledge; Joe Roos; Johannes Williams; John Calvi; John Elder; John
Holmes; John Humphrey; John Stephens; Jonathan Kuttab; Jonathon
Bartley; Jo Roberts; Juanita Shenk; Julie Hurlbut; ‘Just’ Church –
Bradford, England; Just Peace of Davidson College – North Carolina;
Justice and Peace office – Kingston, Ontario; Justice Network Of
Windsor; K. Al-Olimat; Kaaren Olsen; KAIROS Sioux Lookout; Karen Cobb;
Karen Hamilton; Karen Pauls; Karl Honsaker, Katherine T.; Kathy Kelly;
Katja Rehm; Kenora Churches; Kent Beduhn; Keysar Trad, President,
Islamic Friendship Association, Australia; Khalid Amayreh; Khurram
Parvez; Kim McDowellKristine Dyrsten; Lafayette Area Peace Coalition –
Indiana; Lancaster Church of the Brethren; Lancaster Interchurch Peace
Witness; Langley Hill Friends Meeting; Lansing Church of the Brethren;
Larry Busch; Laura Calm Wind; Larisa Friesen; Laurie Hasbrook; Lauri
Perman; Lebanon Mennonite; Lee & Douglas McKenna duCharme;
Leicestershire Holy Land Appeal – UK; Len Desroches; Leslie Ediger;
Leslie Scivener; Lethbridge Mennonite Church – Canada; Library on
Wheels; Linda Felcone; Lisa Schich; Lombard Mennonite Church; Lorraine
Avenue Mennonite Church; Lottie; Louisville Presbyterian Theological
Seminary, KY; Loveland peace community – CO; Luis Arias; Maison de
l’amitié; Malichy Kilgride; Malik Mujahid; Manassas Church of the
Brethren – Virginia; Manatee Unitarian Universalist Fellowship;
Margaret Carpenter; Marge Epstein; Maria Barnes; Marian Solomon; Maria
Swain; Marion Mennonite Church – Pennsylvania; Mary Allice Smith; Mary
Corkery; Mary Ellen McNish, General Secretary, AFSC; Mary Fabri; Mary
Fabri; Maryse Leroux; Maury River Friends Meeting – Virginia; MCC
Ontario; Meg Hudson; Medicins Sans Frontieres; Mennonite Central
Committee; Mennonite Church of the Servant; Mennonite Churches in
Niagara, Ontario; Mennonite Fellowship of Montreal; Metropolita United
Church; MFAT; Micah Goran; Micah & Marie Hellen; The Micah Project
– Washington; Michael McConnell; Michael Swan; Michelle Cameron;
Michelle Shepherd; Midcoast Friends Meeting/Bridges for Peace – Maine;
Midway Hills Christian Church – Dallas; Mike Bremer; Mike Fay; Mike
Flannery; Miriam Patterson; Mitch Potter; Mohammed Alatar; Mothers’
Prayer Group for Peace; Mount Toby Friends Meeting; Movimento
Internazionale della Riconciliazione – Torino, Italy; MSU Mennonite
Fellowship; Muslim Community – Ada, Ohio; Muslim Students Association;
Naim Ateek; Naim Daour; Nancy Morrison; Naomi Klein; Nashville Friends
Meeting; National and Islamic Forces of Palestine; National Council of
Churches (USA); Nayef Hashlamoun; Neighborhood House Church San
Antonio, Texas; A New Faith Community – Baltimore, MD; New Zealand
Council of Christians and Muslims; Nightline; Nonviolent Vigil for
Peace and Justice – San Francisco; Nora Zellmer; Northampton Committee
to end the War; Northview Church of the Brethren; Nottingham Quarterly
Meeting of Religious Society of Friends; NZ Herald; NZ Police; Oak
Grove Mennonite Church; O.G. Harper; Omar Hamed; Operation Dove –
Italy; Orange County Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends;
Organización Femenina Popular; Our Savior Lutheran Church; Pace e Bene
Las Vegas; Palestine Human Rights Campaign (Auckland, New Zealand);
Palestinian Prisoners Society; Palestinians for Peace and Democracy;
Palo Alto Friends Meeting; Parish of Cox’s Cove – Canada; Partners for
Peace – Columbus; Pat Basler; Pat Gaffney of Pax Christi; Pat Huhn;
Patricia Wait; Paul Martin; Paul Slattery; Pax Christi; Peace and
Justice Committee – Allentown, Pennsylvania; Peace Connections; Peace
Mennonite Church – Dallas; Peace Movement Aotearoa; Peace Pledge
Chicago; Peace with Justice Team – North Carolina; Peaceful Gathering
Coffeehouse, New York; PeaceWay: A Ministry of Christian Nonviolence –
Pennsylvania; Pearl Hoover; Pendle Hill; Pentecostal Charismatic Peace
Fellowship; Percival Landing; Peter and Mary Sprunger-Froese; Peter
Ediger; Peter MacKay; Peter NyokPeter Roos; Philadelphia Young Adult
Friends; Plains Mennonite Church – Pennsylvania; Plow Creek Mennonite
Church; Progressive United Methodists in Kentucky; Project Peacemakers
– Winnipeg; Punto de Encuentro; Quaker – Hessen – Germany; Quakergruppe
Frankfurt; Quakers & Voice of Women – Nova Scotia; R. Farhad;
Rachel Miller; Rainier Avenue Church – Seattle; Rassemblement Outaouais
contre la Guerre; Ray Hallum; Ray Martin; Reba Place Church; The
Record, Ontario; Regional Encounter of Victims of Crimes Against
Humanity – Columbia; Religious Society of Friends – ON; Religious
Society of Friends (Quakers) Aotearoa New Zealand; Ren Amell; Richmond
Indiana Friends Meetings; Richmond Peaceful Response; Rick & Kristi
Casteel; Rob & Lodi Mueller; Robb Davis; Robert Desjardins; Robert
Fisk; Robin Bowlus, Roger and Debbie Olson; Roger Wolcott; Bluffton
University; Rockway Mennonite Church; Roman Catholic Church – Italy,
UK; Ron Holmes; Rose Berger; Rosemary Meier; Rouge Valley Mennonite
Church – Ontario; Ruby Sales; Rutba House; S. Bazlamit; Sa’ed
Shiyoukhi; Sacred Heart Cathedral – Yukon; Sami Hussain; Salford
Mennonite Church; Salina People for Peace; Santa Monica Friends
Meeting; Sarah Phend-Horst; Sarah Stockton; Seattle Mennonite Church;
Second Congregational Church; Sege Paquette; Seniors For Peace; Set the
Captives Free Walk – Ontario; Shalom Center – Philadelphia; Silver
Spring Friends Meeting; Simon Barrow; The Simple Way – Philadelphia;
Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi; Sisters of St. Joseph of Sault Ste.
Marie; Sojourners; Sonia Hooykaas; Spiritual Walk for Peace Group –
Oklahoma; SS. Francis and Therese Catholic Worker; St. Andrew’s United
Church; St. Francis Lutheran Church; St. John’s United Church of Christ
– Illinois; St. Johns’s Episcopal Church – Scotland; St. Luke’s United
Church of Christ – Pennsylvania; St. Mary’s Anglican Church – Ontario;
St. Mary’s High School – Ontario; St. Philips Anglican Church; St.
Therese Parish – Seattle; State College Friends Meeting – Pennsylvania;
Steinmann Mennonite Church; Steps of Friends Center; Steven Harper;
Steve Seitz; Stony Run Friends Meeting; Stop the War – Florence, Italy;
Stop War – Vancouver; Strawberry Creek Friends Meeting; Stuart
Henderson; Student Christian Movement – Victoria, BC; Students at Union
Theological Seminary (New York); Students for Justice in Palestine;
Students for Life – Alabama; Students for Social Change – Bethel
College; Subhi Dr. Subhi M.; Sue Claydon, Sue Wagner Fields; Anglican
Pacifist Fellowship in the UK; Susan Corson-Finnerty, Friends Journal;
Tallahassee Monthly Meeting; Terry Waite; Tiffin Area Pax Christi; Tim
Dyck; Tim Hurlihey; Todd Flory; Tom Brown; Tony Burman; Toronto City
Council; Toronto Coalition to Stop the War; Toronto Friends Meeting;
The Toronto Star; Tracy Ediger; Trevor Bechtel; Trish Edwards-Konic,
Quaker Life; UN PONTE PER – Roma; Unitarian Universalist Church of
Buffalo; United Church of Canada General Council office; United For
Peace and Justice; United Friends – Liberia; United Steelworkers of
America; US Hospital, Baghdad; Valleyview Mennonite Church – Ontario;
Victoria Peace Coalition – Victoria, BC; Voices for Creative
Nonviolence; Walter Brown; Waterford Mennonite Church and Benton
Mennonite Church – Goshen, Indiana; Waters Mennonite Church – Ontario;
Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ; Wellington Palestine Group,
New Zealand; West Denmark Lutheran Church – Luck, Wisconsin; West Hills
Friends Church – Portland; West Virginia Peace; Westbury Friends;
Whatcom Peace & Justice Center – Washington; Whitehorse Community –
Yukon; Wilson Tan; Winston-Salem Friends Meeting; World Council of
Churches; YHWH; Zleekha Muhtaseb

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