HEBRON URGENT ACTION: Tell Israeli government that new settlement is violation of international law



30 April 2007

HEBRON URGENT ACTION: Tell Israeli government that new settlement is
violation of international law

On 19 March 2007, Israeli settlers illegally occupied an empty four-story
Palestinian building. This multi-unit Hebron building is strategically
located to link the large (about 7000 people) settlement of Kiryat Arba to
the smaller enclaves inside Hebron’s Old City.

Under Israeli law, settlers need permission from the Ministry of Defense
before expanding their presence in the West Bank. Since they have not
received permission, this occupation is illegal. Amir Peretz, the Israeli
Minister of Defense has said he will issue eviction orders to the
settlers, but that his cabinet colleagues are more cautious.

Initial reports said that the military would evict the settlers by 19
April. However, the Israeli government has undertaken no action to remove
the illegal settlement so far. Israeli soldiers still guard the occupied
building day and night.

 Last year, Israeli settlers took over a similar building in Hebron just
before Pesach (Passover). When the army and riot police moved in to
evict them, settlers threw missiles at them, including burning rubber
tires and glass containers filled with paint.

The new building represents a dire threat to the local Palestinian
population. Already four checkpoints less than 500 meters apart line the
same road for entry into Hebron’s Old City. The maze of checkpoints,
gates and roadblocks continues endlessly for Hebron’s Palestinian

Currently the Israeli military has installed 124 road block/earth mounds
within Hebron’s City limits, trapping the 35,000 residents of H-2,
Israeli-controlled Hebron. The restrictions have forced 1,180 shops to
close since 2002.

Palestinians say that another settlement will lead to yet another
checkpoint and tighter curfews; further isolating this part of the city.

Already settlers have placed a wire at the entrance of the Palestinian
house across the street to trip residents as they exit their home. They
have stoned the house and spray painted a Star of David on the front door.

The squatters are attempting an illegal purchase of two more houses and
say defiantly that they will stay for many decades.

The mainstream Israeli peace group Peace Now has published a helpful
analysis of situation regarding the house at

https://www.peacenow.org.il/site/en/peace.asp?pi=62&docid=2306 .


Please, e-mail or write to your embassy in Tel Aviv. Copy your Members of
Parliament or Representatives and Senators. Urge them to send a clear
message to the Israeli government that the establishment of this new
illegal settlement diminishes hope for any new peace agreement between
Palestine and Israel.



To the Israeli Embassy:

Please promptly remove the illegal settlers who moved into an unoccupied
building on 19 March 2007 in Hebron, West Bank. This clear violation of
international law diminishes hope for renewed peace agreements between
Israeli and the Palestinian governments.

The four small settlements already inside Hebron have caused immense
physical, social, and economic suffering for the local Palestinian
residents. Each day that passes with this new settler establishment
undermines the hope for peace.



Embassy in Tel Aviv — The Canadian Embassy, PO Box 9442, Tel Aviv 67060,
Israel. Fax: (011 972 3) 636-3380. Email: “>pm@pm.gc.ca

Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter McKay, House of Commons, Ottawa ON, K1A
0A6. Fax: (613) 992-2337 or Email: https://www.parl.gc.ca/information/about/people/house/PostalCode.asp?Source=SM

 UK: Embassy in Tel Aviv — British Embassy, 192 Hayarkon Street, Tel Aviv
63405, Israel. Fax: (+ 972 3) 527 8574. Email:


Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett, Foreign and Commonwealth Office,

Downing Street West, London Sw1A 2AL.

You can mail your MP at the House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

To email your MP, MSP or MEP go to https://cpt.org/wp-content/uploads/IMG_0316-2.jpg

 USA: Embassy in Tel Aviv — US Embassy, 71 Hayarkon Street, Tel Aviv 63903,
Israel. Email: Mary Glantz, Human Rights, “>schohnjm@state.gov Or al-Khalil (Hebron)

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