Thanks for the “Right Relationships” cover article in the Sept-Nov issue of Signs of the Times!  Thanks also for your ongoing work.
Arbutus Sider, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We especially enjoyed the article “Restoring Balance Through Right Relationships” in your last issue, maybe because this is a bit closer to home.  We identified much we can work on.
Skip & Anne Martin – Lowville, New York

Jesus would condemn your aiding those who seek to harm his fellow Jews and the Jewish homeland Israel.
Ibrahim – Internet

I’ve been keeping up with your activities in the newsletter and wish I could give more.  This donation is redirected war taxes.
Paula Rogge – Madison, Wisconsin

 This donation is my Martin Luther King Day observance.
Maria Smith – Cleveland, Ohio

At the age of 16 it became clear to me that I was a conscientious objector to war.  If it is wrong to kill, it must be as bad or worse to pay someone else to kill in your place.  This donation expresses my hope that each of us may find ways to give as much to peace as is taken from our salaries to pay for war.
Stan Becker – Baltimore, Maryland

I am a member of the Army National Guard and a conservative evangelical church.  I do not, however, believe this gives me an exemption or exclusion from being a peacemaker.  Some of my military work has been helping hurricane and flood victims, so it isn’t all weaponry.  I believe that there have been times when God has used armies.  I have met many Palestinians and also have Jewish friends so my heart is saddened by how it appears we have really failed in this area of making peace.  I will pray earnestly that the Lord will bless your work.
Michael Barford – Internet

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Basic freedom of movement in Palestine—walking to the grocery store, driving to visit family, or flying internationally—depends on your nationality, race, and religion. As a Palestinian, you are denied these rights as others in your country move freely.

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After the 2020 fire in Moria

Six young migrants are made scapegoats of a failed EU migration policy – Call for fair and transparent trial for the Moria 6 on 6 March 2023 in Lesvos! 

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