Hey, why don’t you people start fighting injustice at home? Like the crap differently-gendered persons experience? The humiliation, the attacks. Wasn’t one of your gay team members denied the right to speak at a Social Justice forum by a Roman Catholic archbishop? Whooooops! Didn’t hear word one from you folks on that small human rape. You need to clean up your own corners of the world before you start peddling your religion’s hypocrisies around our planet
Mark Zoldy, Canada

I really appreciate the work you do all over the world and the dedication of your volunteers.  I can’t think of a better way to give back some of my summer earnings before I return to school than to contribute to CPT. Thank you for all of the help and hope you spread.
Karen Jantzen; Plymouth, Nebraska, USA

I don’t agree with your international mission at all.The USA (and Canada) have a stick in our eye and you’re spending time and money on international slivers. The USA is being torn apart by divisive people and still you go international–more fun, trips, etc.
Marvin Kindy; Daytona Beach, Florida, USA

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