Palestine: Action Alert: Divest from Occupation



IMG_6312In early August CPT-Palestine issued an invitation to join them, Palestinians, and people from all over the world in boycotting Israeli goods and cultural events, divesting from all companies that profit from the occupation of Palestine, and pushing for international sanctions on Israel. In the KAIROS Palestine document ( there is a statement from Palestinian Christians saying that advocacy campaigns must not be about “revenge but rather to put an end to the existing evil…to free both peoples from extremist positions of the different Israeli governments, bringing both to justice and reconciliation.” As members of an international peace organization, CPT-Palestine believes that when Palestinians mount nonviolent campaigns against the occupation, team members are morally obligated to support them.  CPT Palestine hopes that this non-violent movement may help equalize the balance of power in ways that could support a different kind of negotiations, ones that lead in the direction dismantling Israel’s military occupation of Palestine. Please refer to

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A child holds a soccer ball under their arm, looking away from the camera, toward an empty street. An image of the Palestinian flag is overlayed in the middle of the image

What if the World Cup were in Palestine?

The World Cup prides itself in bringing the global community together, but what would that look like in Palestine, where the world has allowed impunity to go unchecked?

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