Palestine: a Creed of Faith



by former CPT Steering Committee member Nora Carmi of Sabeel (Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem)

I cannot believe in the right of powerful domination, the language of arms or the strength of the mighty

I do believe in human rights and the power of nonviolence

I cannot believe that I should not be concerned or interested in what happens far from my country 

I do believe that the whole world is one large dwelling, that we all cultivate and plant seeds together and we all harvest what we planted

I cannot believe that I will stand up against oppression elsewhere if I can condone injustice HERE

I do believe that the same rights apply here and everywhere.  I believe that I cannot be free as long as my brothers and sisters are trodden down upon and live under the yoke of enslaved tyranny

I cannot believe that dreams will remain dreams, and that death is the end

But I dare to believe in a new humanity; I dare to believe in God’s dream:  A NEW HEAVEN, A NEW EARTH WHERE JUSTICE DWELLS

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