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CPTers serving the Iraq team December 2009 – March 2010 were: Anita David (Illinois, USA), Lukasz Firla – intern (Czech Republic), Peggy Gish (Ohio, USA), Bob Holmes (Ontario, Canada), Michele Naar-Obed (Minnesota, USA), Doug Pritchard (Ontario, Canada), Beth Pyles (Virginia, USA), Zach Selekman (Pennsylvania, USA), Elena Wake (Indiana, USA), Chihchun Yuan (Taipei, Taiwan).

CPTers serving the Colombia team December 2009 – March 2010 were: Eloy García (New Mexico, USA), Gladys Gómez (Colombia), Phil Hart (Ohio, USA), Rebecca Johnson (Ontario, Canada), Chris Knestrick (Ohio, USA), Alix Lozano (Colombia), Scott Nicholson (California, USA), Sandra Milena Rincón (Colombia), Pierre Shantz (Colombia), Sarah Shirk (Pennsylvania, USA), Stewart Vriesinga (Ontario, Canada); Delegation members 27 March – 3 April included 6 Colombians and 1 Argentinian (names withheld for security purposes).

CPTers serving the Palestine team December 2009 – March 2010 were: Tarek Abuata (Maryland, USA), Janet Benvie (Fife, Scotland), Nina Chiba (Alberta, Canada), Laura Ciaghi (Trento, Italy), Cassandra Dixon (Wisconsin, USA), Joy Ellison (Washington, USA), Jean Fallon (New York, USA), Jessica Frederick (Pennsylvania, USA), John Funk (British Columbia, Canada), Fathiyeh Gainey – intern (London, England), Drew Herbert (California, USA), Josh Hough (Oregon, USA), Maureen Jack (Fife, Scotland), Kathy Kern (New York, USA), Sarah MacDonald (Iowa, USA), Barb Martens (Ontario, Canada), Sam Nichols (California, USA), Paulette Schroeder (Ohio, USA), Ryan Shiffer (Wisconsin, USA), Melanie Southworth (Ontario, Canada); Delegation members 5-18 January were: Pamela Brubaker (California, USA), Joyce and John Cassel (Illinois, USA), Mary Cox (Indiana, USA), Tana Durnbaugh (Illinois, USA), Fletcher Ferrar (Illinois, USA), Beth Gould (New South Wales, Australia), Nick Kauffman (Indiana, USA), Peter McArdle (New South Wales, Australia), Shannon Richmond (Washington, USA), Frank Schneider (Illinois, USA), J. Joseph Stuart (Ohio, USA), Sharon Wiggins (Texas, USA).

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