Service Roster



Listing of CPTers and delegation members and location of service.


CPTers serving the Colombia team April-June 2010 were: Eloy García (New Mexico, USA), Gladys Gómez (Colombia), Rebecca Johnson (Ontario, Canada), Chris Knestrick (Ohio, USA), Alix Lozano (Colombia), Julie Myers (Ohio, USA), Scott Nicholson (California, USA), Sandra Milena Rincón (Colombia), Pierre Shantz (Colombia), Stewart Vriesinga (Ontario, Canada); Delegation members 12-25 May  were: Stephanie Auxier (Colorado, USA), Ben Climer (Washington, USA), Dan Dale (Illinois, USA), Brandi Friesen (Manitoba, Canada), Terrence Gallagher (Michigan, USA), Katherine Paarlberg (New York, USA), Stefan Warner (Oklahoma, USA).


CPTers serving the Iraq team April-June 2010 were: Peggy Gish (Ohio, USA), Sophia Hochstedler (Illinois, USA), Bob Holmes (Ontario, Canada), David Hovde (Illinois, USA), Brad Langendoen – intern (Manitoba, Canada), JoAnne Lingle (Indiana, USA), Michele Naar-Obed (Minnesota, USA), Doug Pritchard (Ontario, Canada), Zach Selekman (Pennsylvania, USA), Marius van Hoogstraten (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Chihchun Yuan (Taipei, Taiwan), Dir’k Ziska (Oregon, USA); Delegation members April 15-29 were: Kelly Tetsuo Fujiyoshi (Massachusetts, USA), Tracey Harmon (Texas, USA), Sophia Hochstedler (Illinois, USA), Sam Jerome (Indiana, USA), JoAnne Lingle (Indiana, USA), Janelle Thiessen (Manitoba, Canada).


CPTers serving the Palestine team (al-Kahlil & at-Tuwani) April-June 2010 were: Tarek Abuata (Maryland, USA),  Janet Benvie (Fife, Scotland), Laura Ciaghi (Trento, Italy), Cassandra Dixon (Wisconsin, USA), Joy Ellison (Washington, USA), Jessica Frederick (Pennsylvania, USA), Fathiyeh Gainey (London, England), Drew Herbert (California, USA), Josh Hough (Oregon, USA), Maureen Jack (Fife, Scotland),   Esther Kern (Ontario, Canada), Alwyn Knight (Kent, England), Sarah MacDonald (Iowa, USA), Sam Nichols (California, USA), Paul Rehm (New York, USA), Sandra Milena Rincón (Colombia), Paulette Schroeder (Ohio, USA), Ryan Shiffer (Wisconsin, USA), Zach Selekman (Pennsylvania, USA), Melanie Southworth (Ontario, Canada); Delegation members were: 6-19 April  – Sharon Arendshorst, Thomas Arendshorst, Barbara Carvill and Mary Vander Goot, (all of Michigan, USA), Fathiyeh Gainey (London, England), Thomas Goodhart, Gloria McCanna, John Paarlberg and Marilyn Paarlberg (all of New York, USA), and Sandra Milena Rincón (Colombia); 18-31May  – Josiah Abubakar, Aaron Au, Julianna Bienert, James Leeson, Joost Pikkert and Wei Evan Yang (all of Alberta, Canada), Jesse Doell and Stephanie Epp (both of Saskatchewan, Canada), Michael Hickey, Esther Kern, Brian Rempel, Katelin Rempel and Gordon Roberts (all of Ontario, Canada).

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