BORDERLANDS: CPT encourages constituents to join delegation in support of immigration reform


1 July 2010
BORDERLANDS: CPT encourages constituents to join delegation
in support of immigration reform


Christian Peacemaker Teams’ partner organization,
Borderlinks, is calling for applicants to participate in its Solidarity Against
Arizona Senate Bill 1070 delegation 26-31 July 2010.  These dates intentionally span the date when SB1070 is
scheduled to go into effect (29 July), which criminalizes lack of documentation
and authorizes state and local law enforcement to crack down on those
sheltering, hiring, and transporting undocumented immigrants.

Delegates will learn about the context in which SB1070 came
about, connect with people in Arizona working against SB1070, and take part in
actions planned by local change-makers on the 29th.  Other parts of the delegation may include

•            Speaking
with migrant workers in Tucson to hear their perspective

•            Meeting
with founders of the Sanctuary Movement, which originated in Tucson in the

•            Visiting
with immigration enforcement—Border Patrol and/or Immigration and Customs Enforcement
(ICE)—and visiting the Border Wall to learn about the militarization of the

•            Recovering
migrant belongings in the desert near migrant crossing

•            Observing
federal court proceedings of migrants about to be deported (Operation

•            Strategizing
with leaders working for immigration reform in Arizona


Participants will return home with practical resources and
insights to engage their community members around the divisive issue of

Delegates should arrive in Tucson by 5:00 pm on
Monday, 26 July and will depart Saturday morning, 31 July 2010.  Those wishing to take an optional trip
to Mexico on 26 July 2010 should bring passports and arrive Sunday night/Monday


Cost includes lodging, meals, transportation, and

For more information or to register, contact:
/ 520-628-8263

CPT constituents should inform Mark Frey,, if they are planning to
participate in the delegation.


Between 2004 and 2007, CPT’s Borderlands project
periodically partnered with Borderlinks and other groups along the US/Mexico
border in order to reduce the number of migrant deaths in the border region,
advocate for just and comprehensive US immigration reform, and call for
compassionate treatment of the immigrant “stranger.”

BorderLinks is an international leader in experiential
education that raises awareness and inspires action around global political
economics.  As a binational organization, BorderLinks brings people
together to build bridges of solidarity across North and Latin American borders
and promote intercultural understanding and respect.


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