Peacemaker Delegations

  • Aboriginal Justice: 12-22 August; 24 September-5 October
  • Colombia:   International: 19 May-2 June; 14-27 July; October dates tba (Latin American church leaders);  National (for Colombians): 16-23 April
  • Iraq (Kurdish North): 13-26 October • Palestine/Israel: 24 May-6 June;  19 July-1 August; 6-19 September (German    language); 15-28 November

Peacemaker Trainings

  • Summer: 15 July – 15 August 2011;   Chicago, Illinois, USA (apply by 1 May 2011)
  • Winter: 4 January – 4 February 2012;   Chicago, Illinois, USA (apply by 15 October 2011)


Steering Committee Meetings

  • Fall 2011: 10-12 October; Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Spring 2012: 24-26 March; Cali, Colombia


Christian Peacemaker Congress XI

  • 13-16 October; Evanston, Illinois, USA

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