Peacemaker Delegations
• Aboriginal Justice: 2-15 April (for German language speakers); 10-20 August; 28 September – 3 October
• Colombia: International:  24 May – 6 June;   12-25 July; 20 September – 3 October;   National: 31 March – 7 April
• Iraq (Kurdish North): 12-25 April;   4-17 October
• Palestine/Israel: 13-26 March; 22 May – 4 June; 4-16 July; 2-15 October; 6-19 November

Peacemaker Corps Trainings
• January: 4 January – 4 February 2012;   Chicago, Illinois, USA 
• July/August: 13 July – 13 August 2012;   Chicago, Illinois, USA (apply by 1 May, 2012)

Race Relations Council
• 17-20 March; Cali, Colombia

Steering Committee Meetings
• March 2012: 24-26 March; Cali, Colombia
• October 2012: 16-20 October; Conference Call

Undoing Oppressions Workshop
• 7-9 September; Five Oaks Retreat Center; Paris, Ontario, Canada (open to all CPTers)

Peacemaker Corps Retreat
• 9-14 September; Five Oaks Retreat Center; Paris, Ontario, Canada (open to stipend-eligible CPTers)

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In the midst of chaos, horror, and the most frustrating of blatant lies and smokescreens, our relationships with one another validate our reality, solidify our commitments, and give us strength to continue the brace act of truth-telling.

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