Palestine: Celebrating Solidarity and Nonviolence



On 25 September, more than 100 people from different communities in the South Hebron Hills participated in a peace march to celebrate the power of nonviolence and the resilient spirit of the people of the South Hebron Hills.  The event was timed to coincide with the annual 24 km Perugia to Assisi Peace March in Italy, in which 50,000 Italians and internationals participated.

Schoolchildren, elders, students, farmers, shepherds, teachers, men, and women chanted and marched from at-Tuwani to Um Faggarah and then further south to the community of Khallet at-Taba, which in past years has endured the demolition of homes, outhouses, and other structures by the Israeli army.  Six families continue to inhabit the hamlet.

In Khallet at-Taba, on a high lookout over the area, Hafez Hereini (Popular Struggle Coordinator in the South Hebron Hills) and other local leaders reaffirmed their commitment to nonviolent resistance. 

The march ended back in at-Tuwani with live Palestinian traditional music and a solidarity phone call from Hereini to the peace marchers in Assisi, Italy. 

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