Co-Director Position


CPT seeks applications for a co-director to work with Carol Rose, current co-director.  Position begins in July 2011.  

Job description is flexible depending on the intersection of applicant’s skills with current co-director.  See more detailed Job Description below.

Applications from members of racially marginalized groups and from outside North America are warmly welcomed.  As with all Support Team members, compensation is a stipend based on need.  The initial appointment is for a period of three years.   Download Application

Qualifications include

  • spiritual grounding in Christianity;
  • strong skills in organizational processes and administration;
  • experience leading or working in an international organization committed to violence reduction, nonviolent resistance campaigns and movement building;
  • strong English with at least minimal Spanish;
  • background and skill in undoing oppressions; and
  • ability to mobilize economic and human resources.  
  • knowledge of CPT and how the organization works.  


Needed Traits include the ability to

  • articulate and promote the CPT mission and vision;
  • make collaborative decisions; to
  • listen well;
  •  be flexible;
  •  articulate and promote an organizational vision;
  • lead in organizational change; and
  • network between religious, political, geographical and social groups.


Persons with the required experience and skills who have not been members of CPT are welcome to apply.   If chosen as the most promising applicant, the individual must participate in a CPT delegation and month-long training and discernment process prior to final appointment.

Contact Susan Mark Landis ( with expressions of interest and nominations by 1 March 2011.   Download Application

Please share this message widely and pray for God’s work through this appointment process.


Co Director Job Description

a vision for nonviolent social change that dismantles systems of war,
occupation and oppression. Create an inspiring vision for right relationships,
nonviolent resistance and movement building that is achievable in the CPT
program and in the local church.

  1. Hold
    and nurture core CPT values while fostering a vision for global growth.
    Communicate the vision and work of CPT within the CPT Corps, to CPT supporters,
    other peace and justice organizations and the media. 
  2. Provide
    leadership in the recruitment, appointment, supervision and evaluation of
    Support Team members.
  3. Work
    with the Steering Committee Chair in the formation of Steering Committee
    agenda, meeting arrangements, Support Team presence, etc.
  4. Provide
    back up for the other co-director as needed during fieldwork, vacations, other
    absences, or times of high workload.
  5. Approve
    exceptions to CPT-wide practices.
  6. Make
    the final decision regarding any needed dismissals from the Peacemaker and Reserve
  7. Nurture
    and maintain our relationships. Coordinate the development of structures for
    deepening connections and common work between CPT and CPT supporters and supporting
    bodies (through the Peacemaker Congress, nonviolent direct action related to
    CPT project focuses, campaigns initiated by CPT projects, etc).
  8. Harmonize
    all support functions, including Project Support Coordinators.
  9. Support
    the development, implementation and review of CPT policies.
  10. Take
    on other duties as agreed.

Additional responsibilities as they are currently divided
between Co-Directors. Changes are likely as we balance gifts of the new
co-director with Carol’s.

Responsibilities for Operations Co-Director

  1. Oversee
    the development and support of the Peacemaker Corps and Reserve Corps
    (recruitment, personnel processes, training, evaluation, pastoral support,
    regional groups, etc.)
  2. Coordinate
    development of financial support for programs through overseeing fundraising
    and outreach strategies.
  3. Oversee,
    develop and delegate responsibilities for a system to adequately supply office
    space and maintenance of CPT properties, vehicles and equipment.
  4. Coordinate
    development of CPT communication systems (CPT’s web site, publications, web
    based lists and networks, media support, etc.)
  5. Oversee
    administration (data base, donation recognition, financial and historical
    records, etc.)

Responsibilities for Program Co-Director

  1. Ensure
    the provision of adequate personnel, resources and support for current
  2. Evaluate
    current projects for need, direction, sustainability and health of the team.
  3. Oversee
    development of proposals for new projects and shepherd them through the
    discernment process. Keep aware of developments in relation to former and
    suspended projects.
  4. Work
    to engage partner organizations and affiliated groups in CPT’s work.
  5. Oversee
    the preparation of CPT’s annual budget. 
    Monitor income and expense patterns, balancing fiscal prudence and the
    vision for CPT’s work.

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