Colombia: Miracle of Las Pavas Threatened



CPT has accompanied and reported on the situation of 123 families displaced from Las Pavas since 2009.  Last April, we celebrated what has been called the “miracle of Las Pavas” when the families defied threats of violence and returned to their land.  

But the miracle is threatened once again.  Colombia’s regional Attorney General’s office released a report about Las Pavas accusing the farmers of having lied about being displaced and stating that their claims for restitution were unjustified.  She has called for a re-investigation of the case and for a probe into the organizations, both local and international, that have supported the community throughout the process.

The community is very fearful about the potential consequences of this report.  CPT and other groups are meeting to discern next steps in supporting Las Pavas.  


Please pray that the miracle of Las Pavas may survive and thrive.  Pray for the well-being and safety of the community and that truth, justice, peace and nonviolence will prevail.  Pray especially for the com-munity’s leaders, lawyers and allies under investigation.  Send prayers and messages of support to and the team will pass them on to the community. 

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