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As we go to print, a number of CPTers and supporters are preparing to join dozens of other peace activists boarding ships from Canada and the USA in late June as part of the second international “Freedom Flotilla” to Gaza.  The nonviolent humanitarian action seeks to break the illegal and deadly Israeli siege of Gaza.  Israeli forces attacked last year’s flotilla, killing nine activists, and have vowed to let no ships cross into Gaza.  CPT-Canada is an official endorser of the Canada Boat to Gaza.


Forty-five people attended a half-day gathering in Manila on 8 April organized by CPTer Rey Lopez to discuss peacemaking initiatives in the Philippines.  Those assembled formed a Working Group to further develop a CPT-Philippines Regional Group and strengthened ties with representatives from the CPT-Australasia: Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia Regional Group.


Twenty CPTers and supporters from the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the UK gathered in Berlin at the end of March for a 3-day convergence to bolster CPT outreach and action efforts in Europe.  The gathering included a public witness at the Colombian Embassy to support the community of Las Pavas in their land rights struggle.

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