I found your envelope on the bus and I figured with a name like this, you deserved a donation.  Keep up the great work!  ($10 cash enclosed).
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Reading the October-December 2010 Signs of the Times is restoring my hope, particularly the stories about Sisters of the Spirit, and “A Voice is Heard in Segovia.”  I most enjoyed “Encounter on the Jesus Trail.”  These stories of people subverting the institutions that appear to support them, of surprising hope and even joy…came just at the right time.
Randy Gabrielse, Michigan, USA

By encouraging boycotts you are depriving Israelis of their livelihoods.  You are also encouraging an anti-Israel press which cannot help towards peacemaking.  Jesus said to bless one’s enemies.  Boycotts are never about peace and reconciliation.
Jenny Tarrant, Canada

Thank you for your love and good work.  I am not a Christian, but I felt led to respond to your request.
Robert E. Young, Internet

What has happened to your commitment to nonviolently present the Good News of Jesus to Jews and Arabs and misguided Christians in the Middle East?   The last couple of things you have sent out come across as secularly political and distorting in their tone.
Daniel Wilcox, California, USA

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