I want to say a collective thank you to CPT and those who contributed to [118 Days: Christian Peacemakers Held Hostage in Iraq].  It is a moving and inspiring testimony on so many levels, but also highly instructive about the work of advocacy.  I also support CPT’s decision to self-publish.  I am the national coordinator of Room for All, a (non-sanctioned) organization of Reformed Church in America members working for full LGBTQ inclusion in our denomination, and I am learning more than I want to know about the insidious layers of homophobia, which range from the tragedies that make the news to the silent ones that happen every day.  CPT’s decision to refuse to cut “controversial” [material] was brave and consistent with your mission.
Marilyn Paarlberg; New York, USA

I’m just wondering if CPT also condemn[s] killings of Israeli settlers.  I think it is crucial not just to condemn killing, violence and destruction coming from one “side” otherwise efforts may be viewed as somewhat partisan.
Mike Yoder; Iowa, USA

The time has come for me to step back from active CPT Reserve corps [work].  From Colombia to Wisconsin to Iraq to Arizona, it has been a remarkable journey with you wonderful people of such faith and commitment.  I started with a CPT delegation in 2002 as a response to the life-changing attacks of 9-11.  You showed me how to meet violence with active nonviolence.  Thank you.  My 11 grandchildren – the carriers of our hopes for a better world – will be my special calling now, while a piece of my heart will always be with you who are continuing in CPT.
Haven Whiteside; Florida, USA

[Note: the following excerpts are from a letter responding to “At-Tuwani/Aboriginal Justice Reflection: Seeking the Peace of Palestine by Engaging our own Settler Reality” https://goo.gl/5eepR]
There is no similarity whatsoever between the European colonizers of America and the Jewish people reestablishing its nation-state in the land of its origin.  The Europeans who came to America had no historical connection to the land they colonized.  In contrast, the Jews became a people in the place which later became known as Palestine.  And, contrary to the Europeans in America, the Jews accepted the fact that another people lived there and accepted the UN partition plan.  Had the Arabs done the same, there would have been no refugees and the Palestinian-Arab state would be 62 years old.  Nobody in America offered the Natives an independent state.
Jacob Amir; Jerusalem, Israel

Translation from Spanish: I will continue to follow what happens with the families of Las Pavas and their land.  At the root of all this are huge economic interests that have distorted the entire relationship between creation and the Creator.  We need to struggle for a new economic order that does away with greed, avarice, and depravation of our natural resources. 
José Vaca; Colombia
[Note: CPTnet is available in Spanish.  Subscribe at https://mailman.cpt.org/mailman/listinfo/redecap]

We are becoming active in Germany with 3 CPT Reservists and an Intern.  We would love to organize a German-speaking delegation to Palestine.
Christopher Hatton; Hamburg, Germany
[Note: see calendar 6-19 September]

Thanks for persevering in the work of peace, even in the face of criticism from those who disagree with the way you are doing it.
Julia Bridges; Illinois, USA

The enclosed checks represent donations from the proceeds of an auction which has become a tradition at our family reunions.  We are descendents of J.H. Ediger and Margaretha Weins of Inman, Kansas…and are happy to share a bit of our good fortune for the cause of peace.
Irene Ediger; Massachusetts, USA

We are always inspired when we read of your work in the newsletter.  We were shocked and sad to hear of Gene Stoltzfus’ sudden death.  Enclosed is a modest donation for the continuing work of CPT in special memory of the invaluable contributions and service of Gene.
Michael and Yoko Buckwalter; Hokkaido, Japan

Keep up your great work for peace.  You give me hope.
Fr. Roy Bourgeois; SOA WatchGeorgia, USA

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