Thank you so much for being a beacon of light and a message of hope.  There is something about your courage and kindness that overcomes evil with good.  May God bless you and keep you (and bring more folks to be on the team!)
Marcus Hyde – Colorado, USA

I commend your mission and keep it in prayer.  The world will be different because of your efforts.
Sister Monica Zore, OSF – Internet

I appreciate the e-mails carrying news from team members around the world.  I thank CPT members for their service to God in furthering Shalom in the world, and I hope they let the people they work with know that in addition to my prayers, I do my best to tell others about what is going on.  People’s stories are more convincing than sophisticated political argument.
Sandra Streifel – Internet

The color images in the April-June newsletter were especially striking and I copied pages 6-9 to send to my representatives in Congress and to  Secretary Clinton at the U.S. State Department along with any accompanying letter.  Thank you for your important work toward peace.  I am also enclosing a small check.  Hopefully the loaves and fishes effect will be at work here.
Amrita Burdick – Missouri, USA

I wish I could attend [CPT’s 25th anniversary Peacemaker Congress].  I wish you the best from al-Khalil (Hebron).
Hisham Sharabati – Palestine

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