Palestine: at-Tuwani: “Stop Your Nonviolence!”


Palestine - InvasionOn 23 May, Israeli intelligence agents, escorted by about fifteen soldiers, entered the South Hebron Hills village of at-Tuwani.

The military invaded and searched the home of one of the community’s nonviolent resistance leaders at gunpoint, and threatened violent retaliation if Palestinians persist in peacefully asserting their land rights. 

Four men in civilian clothes with military gear and assault rifles, approached and questioned local residents, asking for addresses, phone numbers, places of employment and other personal details.  

Later identified as intelligence agents, the men also interrogated villagers about recent demonstrations and direct actions carried out by the community, and demanded that Palestinians cease their nonviolent resistance. 

“Do you want to become the father of a martyr?” they asked one of the village leaders, hinting that the occupation forces might target his children. 

When asked why they were in the village, the armed men responded only, “It’s our job.” 

Agents also threatened internationals, including CPTers, with arrest if they took pictures of the unfolding events, but they presented no warrants or identification. 

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