Peace Brief


Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

In a bold action, several dozen Afghan youth from all ethnicities celebrated their widespread wish to live without war by walking hand-in-hand through the streets of Kabul in March.  Then, joined by a 28-member international delegation organized by Voices for Creative Nonviolence, they planted trees of peace and held a candlelight vigil commemorating children who have been killed by war in Afghanistan and throughout the world.  “I see the unchanging system of the rich and powerful in which my world is violently collapsing, and human hope for a decent life leaves my heart,” said 15-year-old Afghan student Abdulai.  “So, in solidarity with the people of Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq, Gaza, the Middle East, North & South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, and with the people of the world, I will walk for peace, I will light my candles, and I will plant my trees.”  See

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