Peacemaker Congress: Overheard


Quotes from Presenters at CPT’s Peacemaker Congress:

Safety comes when all of us stand together and say in unison that we will not allow this violence to continue, that we will not allow our children to die and we will not allow our community to suffer and deteriorate.
– Elce Redmond

In God’s economy there is such a thing as “too much” and “too little.”[In the USA] we already have a “poverty line” which says below this is too little. Now we need a “greed line” that says above this amount for a family of four is too much.
– Rev. Dr. ShantaPremawardhana


What [religion] a person is does not matter.  In Jesus’ mind, the only thing that matters is whether what that person is doingcontributes to the reign of God.
– Rev. Dr. Shanta PremawardhanaBible study based on Mark 9:33-39


CPT stories inform and educate about the communities of peacemakers that we partner with – their nonviolent resistance…  As we do the dance of “getting in the way” and “getting out of the way,” remember that CPTers are part of the story.  Be in the story.
– Sylvia Morrison   

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