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Listing of CPTers and where they served….

CPTers serving the Iraq team January-March 2011 were: Bud Courtney (New York, USA), Lukasz Firla (Czech Republic), Marius van Hoogstraten (Bammental, Germany), Michele Naar-Obed (Minnesota, USA), Doug Pritchard (Ontario, Canada), Hillary Scarsella (Indiana, USA), Allan Slater (Ontario, Canada), Kathy Thiessen (Manitoba, Canada), Chihchun Yuan (Taipei, Taiwan).

CPTers serving the Colombia team January-March 2011 were: Eloy García (New Mexico, USA), Gladys Gómez (Colombia), Phil Hart (Ohio, USA), Chris Knestrick (Ohio, USA), Julie Myers (Ohio, USA), Sandra Milena Rincón (Colombia), Jenny Rodríguez (Colombia), Pierre Shantz (Colombia), Stewart Vriesinga (Ontario, Canada).

Eighteen CPTers from Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and USA served the Palestine team (al-Khalil and at-Tuwani) January-March 2011.  Twenty peacemakers from Australia, Canada, Netherlands, and USA participated in CPT’s 4-17 January and 8-21 March delegations to Palestine/Israel.  Names withheld due to the State of Israel refusing entry to many peacemakers.

Aboriginal Justice
CPTers serving the Aboriginal Justice Team January – March, 2011 were: Jill Foster (Quebec, Canada), Julián Gutiérrez (Colombia), Peter Hare-snape (Cambridgeshire, England), Rebecca Johnson (Ontario, Canada), Christine Klassen (Ontario, Canada), Colin Stuart (Ontario, Canada).

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Dozens of people crowd toward the entrance of a checkpoint, waiting for Israeli military to open the gate.

Privilege of movement

Basic freedom of movement in Palestine—walking to the grocery store, driving to visit family, or flying internationally—depends on your nationality, race, and religion. As a Palestinian, you are denied these rights as others in your country move freely.

A person wearing a red CPT vest walks along a road with the apartheid wall to their right, covered in graffiti and towering over them.

Dear White Supremacist

CPT Palestine team members engaged in a friendly and introductory conversation with a white person, but it took an unexpected turn.

a graphic image with large bold text reading FREE MORIA 6

After the 2020 fire in Moria

Six young migrants are made scapegoats of a failed EU migration policy – Call for fair and transparent trial for the Moria 6 on 6 March 2023 in Lesvos! 

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