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A listing of CPTers and where they served….

Aboriginal Justice

CPTers serving the Aboriginal Justice team October-December 2011 were: Julián Gutiérrez (Colombia), Peter Haresnape (Cambridgeshire, England), Rebecca Johnson (Ontario, Canada), Chris Sabas (New York, USA), Margaret Sumadh (Ontario, Canada).


Serving the Palestine team in al-Khalil and at-Tuwani October-December 2011 were: 19 CPTers and interns from Canada, Germany, Italy, Palestine, Sweden, United Kingdom, Uruguay, and the USA; Twelve peacemakers from Canada, England, Netherlands, Scotland and the USA participated in CPT’s 15-28 November delegation.  Names withheld due to Israel’s policy of denying entry to many peacemakers.


CPTers serving the Colombia team October-December 2011 were: Gladys Gómez (Colombia), Chris Knestrick (Ohio, USA), Alix Lozano (Colombia), Caldwell Manners (Meghalaya, India), Julie Myers (Ohio, USA), Juvenal Pacheco (Colombia), Sandra Milena Rincón (Colombia), Jenny Rodríguez  (Colombia), Pierre Shantz (Colombia), Stewart Vriesinga (Ontario, Canada)


CPTers serving the Iraq team October-December 2011 were: Marcus Armstrong (Milton Keynes, England), Bud Courtney (New York, USA), Lukasz   Firla (Cesky Tesin, Czech Republic), Ramyar Hassani – intern (Suleimaniyah, Iraq), Rosemarie Milazzo (New York, USA), Amy Peters (Saskatchewan, Canada), Sandra Milena Rincón (Colombia), Garland Robertson (Texas, USA), Kathy Thiessen (Manitoba, Canada), Pat Thompson (Cardiff, Wales), Stefan Warner (Oklahoma, USA), Chihchun Yuan (Taipei, Taiwan); Delegation members were: 12-25 October were: John Beal (Utah, USA), Patrick Maxwell (Massachusetts, USA), Gerald Paoli (Illinois, USA), Rachel Stacy (Pennsylvania, USA).


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