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CPT is pleased and grateful to report that our fundraising drive in September and October was very successful!  We raised a total of $93,411.  Thanks to your incredible support, and cost-cutting measures by teams, we were able to make up for the drop in donations earlier in 2010 and meet our budget for the fiscal year ending 31 October.

“This outpouring of generosity turns us toward the future with hope for deeper and wider participation by thousands of CPT supporters,” said Co-Director Carol Rose.

Your part in this movement of peacemaking is critical, both through direct donations and through participation in responding to action alerts, holding peacemaking partners in fervent prayer and spreading the word about situations that CPT’s partners face with such courage.

Do you have friends who might be interested in going on a CPT delegation to join the work for a couple weeks and to learn from peacemakers in person? 

Is there someone you know who might be interested in joining CPT’s Peacemaker Corps?  Currently every team has openings.  New CPTers have almost always had their call confirmed by someone who has found a way to say, “You would be good at this kind of peacemaking.  Perhaps God is calling you…”

Can you help us expand our newsletter and e-mail lists to include others who might be interested in peacemaking around the world?  CPTnet (our e-mail network) is available in both English and Spanish.  Whom can you encourage to use a CPT story in the media or from the pulpit?

Please visit and tell us about your efforts to further peacemaking locally and support peacemaker partners around the globe.

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