January 2012 Training



Eleven people participated in CPT’s January 2012 peacemaker training; nine committed to serve with CPT as Reservists (r) or stipended (s) Corps members (half to full time). Left to right, back row: Irene van Setten, Nijmegen, Netherlands • Glenn Brumbaugh (s), Pennsylvania, USA • Tawd Bell (r), Ohio, USA • Micah Schuurman (observer from Hope Equals), Illinois, USA • Carrie Peters (s), Pennsylvania, USA • Nicky Melling (s), Cumbria, England • Lizz Schallert (r), Indiana, USA • Patrick Maxwell (r), Massachusetts, USA; front row: Dave Pritchett (r), Indiana, USA • Susan Granada (s), Manila, Philippines • Mona el-Zuhairi (s), Palestine.

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A soldier stands looking left, in front of them stands a young girl, visible from the shoulders up, behind a large boulder. In the background another soldier stands in front of a row of closed shops.

Destined to die

When death becomes a desire for children, the situation in which they live is certainly too difficult for anyone to bear.

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