Would you permit us to reprint the article, “Walls of Shame,” by Elizabeth García (Signs of the Times, July-September 2011) in our Iowa Peace Network newsletter, “The Dovetail?”  We are interested in having her CPT perspective.
Christine Sheller, Iowa, USA

The work you do is informative and inspiring and I greatly appreciate it. 
Miika Malinen, Finland

We read Signs of the Times carefully when it comes to our home – the “real” news that does not appear in our newspapers.  We remember you all in our prayers as you carry on the difficult and rewarding work of making peace.
Janice McKean and Arthur Wiebe, Ontario, Canada

I really like the new format.  It is much easier for me to read.  I pray that I can join you in the fall to Palestine.
Phyllis Taub Albritton, Virginia, USA

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