New CPT Mission, Vision and Values



For some time now, CPT has been engaged in an organization-wide adventure called the “Mission And Presentation Re-visioning” process. 

Palestine - Road Block RemovalAs we approached the 25th anniversary of CPT’s founding, we began to take a fresh look at the vision, mission, values and visual identity of our organization.  This process flowed out of our 2009 Strategic Directions for Undoing Racism.  We are pleased to unveil the fruits of our collaborative process to date:

Christian Peacemaker Teams:Building partnerships to transform violence and oppression

A world of communities that together embrace the diversity of the human family and live justly and peaceably with all creation

Colombia - Las Pavas Nonviolent ResistanceVALUES
Christian Peacemaker Teams is committed to work and relationships that:
• honor and reflect the presence of faith and spirituality
• strengthen grassroots initiatives
• transform structures of domination and oppression
• embody creative nonviolence and liberating love

We need your help with the last step in this process!  We invite you, our supporters, to submit images that might inform the creation of a new logo for CPT.  Please e-mail images to Dwayne Hess (, along with your full name and contact information, by 15 August 2012.  Make sure to tell us where the image came from.  If your submission is used in any way to inspire the final logo, you will receive a special  t-shirt commemorating the new logo.  Fine print: by submitting the image, you are giving CPT permission to use it in any way.  

Aboriginal Justice - River Run

CPT will select a graphic designer to create the logo using the input we gather.  Interested artists should contact Tim Nafziger ( to receive a “Request for Proposals” packet.  Proposals are due by 30 July and the graphic designer will be chosen by the end of August.

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