AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): Soldiers beat and arrest two teenagers in Hebron


12 January 2012
beat and arrest two teenagers in Hebron

On 12 January 2012 at 5:20pm, Israeli soldiers
forcibly entered the Zaru family home near the Qitoun checkpoint in al-Khalil
(Hebron), assaulting the mother and two sons. The invasion was a result of an
earlier encounter between the soldiers and Anas, the older of the sons, age 18
and developmentally disabled. That morning, Anas was coming home through the
Qitoun checkpoint after refilling the cooking gas tank for the household. When
he tried to enter the door of the checkpoint corridor, the soldiers closed it.
He knocked repeatedly on the door until the soldiers shouted at him, “Why are
you knocking?”

“Because you will not open the door to let me
through,” he responded. When the door opened and he passed through, the
soldiers knocked the gas tank away, shoved him to the ground, and began beating
him. When Anas tried to get up, he stumbled into one of the soldiers, who then
claimed Anas had attacked him. They took him into a side alley to continue the
beating out of public sight.

A witness had called Anas’ father, who arrived and
took Anas home. The soldiers did nothing during the day, though Palestinians
saw Israeli soldiers lingering outside the Zaru home throughout the afternoon.
Only a few minutes after observers from TIPH had passed by on an evening
patrol, the soldiers stopped Anas in front of his house. They said they had
come for Noor, Anas’ 16 year-old brother, and would destroy the house if Anas
did not bring Noor. Anas called Noor, who appeared at the front door up the
stairs.  Before he could come down, the soldiers ran up the stairs and
grabbed him, dragging him down the stairs. They handcuffed and blindfolded both
boys outside. As they beat Anas, they pointed a gun to his head and threatened
to kill him if he opened his mouth about what was happening. 

The mother demanded to know why her boys were being
taken, but the soldiers shoved her and told her to “go home.” They forced Noor
against the wall outside the house and began beating him with the butt of their
rifles. He suffered frequent blows to the head. They then arrested Noor and
Anas, escorting them to the military base. During the escort, Noor began
vomiting and then fainted from a concussion. Once at the military base, he
fainted again. 

The soldiers released Anas within the hour and
transferred Noor to the police station, evidently in an attempt to press
charges. Due to the immediate actions of locals and international observer
teams, the Red Cross, the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee, Israeli Civil Administration,
law offices, and other organizations soon got involved. Noor went home that
night with a fractured skull, and additional injuries to the head, eye, hands,
back, ribs, shoulders, and stomach. He was unable to sit when he arrived home because
the pain was too overwhelming. 

The soldiers have suffered no repercussions.


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