USA-CANADA: Peace, Pies and Prophets to tour Ohio, western PA and…


28 August 2012
US-CANADA: Peace, Pies and Prophets to tour Ohio, western PA and….


successful runs in eastern Pennsylvania
and the Midwest, the Peace, Pies and Prophets tour is headed to western Pennsylvania and Ohio
September 21-23.

The show, I’d Like to Buy an Enemy, is interspersed with ‘stealth
auctions.’ On cue from an air horn Ted Swartz and Tim Reubke don special hats
and auction off local, freshly baked, handcrafted pies. “It truly felt to us like
the beginning of a movement,” said Swartz after opening night, “a movement
around peacemaking, subversive theater and pies.” 

The tour
kicked off spring 2012 with six shows across eastern Pennsylvania
and the Midwest, surpassing organizers’ expectations.
Volunteers donated almost 300 pies and the total amount raised for Christian
Peacemaker Teams exceeded $30,000. A seven-minute video, Pies Promoting Peace,
shows scenes and reactions.

I’d Like to Buy an Enemy, written by Swartz, uses storytelling, satire and slapstick humor to unpack issues of justice, peace building,
militarism and empire, and gives uniquely accessible expression to realities and values that underlie CPT’s work.


“I found
myself laughing out loud as the Ted and Tim laid bare the mechanisms of enemy
creation and addiction that underpin our war machine,” said Tim Nafziger, who
toured with Ted and Company in the first three shows. “You never expect a man
in a banana suit to deconstruct U.S.
foreign policy in Latin America over the last fifty
years with such panache. What better way to embody the creative non-violence
and liberating love that CPT is all about?”

identify more with stories than with a theological lecture,” said Megan Rosenwink,
who was part of the tour. “Ted uses story on a level that reaches people
wherever they are at.”

Peace, Pies and
Prophets is available to book in U.S.
and Canadian venues through 2013. Contact Rosenwink, administrator for Ted and Company, at

Upcoming shows:

Sep. 21, Kaufman Mennonite Church, 916 Miller Picking Rd, Davidsville, PA, 7:00-9:00 p.m. FREE!
8 1/2
x 11 poster
(1.5 MB); flyer
(2 MB); Event
Facebook Event

Sep. 22, Central Christian
, 3970 Kidron Rd., Kidron,
OH, 7:30-9:30 p.m. FREE!
8 1/2 x
11 poster
(1.5 MB); flyer
(2 MB); Event
Facebook Event

Sep. 23, Sharon Mennonite Church, 7675 Amity
Pike, Plain City, OH, 6:30-8:30 pm., $5/person, $10/family
8 1/2
x 11 poster
(1.5 MB); flyer
(2 MB); Event
Facebook Event

Middlebury (IN)
Church of the Brethren
 will host the show on October 17, $5/person, $3/youth, $10/family.
8 1/2 x 11 poster (1.5 MB); Event page

Questions or offers to volunteer may be addressed to Tim Nafziger ( or the local event host.


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