CPT Americas: Convergence


20-24 November in Georgia, USA

CPT SOABy Sarah Thompson,Interim Outreach Coordinator

CPT members and friends from throughout the North and South American continents will gather to fellowship with and accompany Alterna community members in LaGrange, GA; protest the militarization of our borders and criminalization of immigrants in Lumpkin, GA; vigil at the gates of US Military Base in Ft. Benning, GA; and reunite with CPTers new and seasoned, in Columbus, GA.

We hope you’ll join us for this historic occasion of the CPT Peacemaker Congress taking place alongside the 30th annual School of the Americas Watch event. CPT Americas Convergence participants will be responsible for their own food, lodging and transportation. Email beth.pyles@gmail.com to register your interest.

If you can’t join, please make a donation to send a few dollars to make it possible for another CPTer to attend. Designate it: CPT AC 2013. 

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