January 1, 2013

Service Roster

A listing of CPTers and where they served. Aboriginal JusticeCPTers serving on the Aboriginal Justice team July-September 2013 were: Stephanie Epp (Saskatchewan, Canada), Jill Foster

Palestine: New Book Benefits CPT

  Letters from Apartheid Street: A Christian Peacemaker in Occupied Palestine Michael McRay interned with CPT Hebron in 2012. His stay coincided with the arrival


  I appreciate all the reports you send from Hebron. Jonathan Brenneman’s recent article, “A better than usual Friday,” [CPTnet, August 12, 2013] was especially

Key Upcoming Events

PEACEMAKER DELEGATIONS• Aboriginal Justice 2013: 27 Sep.–7 Oct.; 2014: 2-12 May; 1-11 Aug; 26 Sep.–6 Oct.• Colombia 2013: 6-20 Oct.; 2014: 2–19 Apr.; 17-31 May;

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